I am still refining my new format for RJsCorner and that will probably be an on-going process for months to come. ūüôā When I first set up the weekly post categories I deemed Thursday as American Heroes but pretty quickly decided that was just too confining for what I intended. ¬†After a couple of days of contemplation, I decided to make Thursday the day I post about the people and things that inspire me. ¬† Being that I obsessively search for just the right phrase, I want to give you my definition of Inspiration.


2018-11-12_10-01-01.pngSo, for this first Thursday Inspiration post, I give you Emmanuel Macron. I admit that I don’t know a lot about him yet but what I do knows makes me think that he is a world leader for the 21st century. ¬†He is young (41) but appears to have wisdom beyond his years. ¬†Maybe that is because he, like me, married a woman considerably older than him. ūüôā

His recent interview on CNN’s GPS piqued my interest to learn more. ¬†During that interview, he laid out his 5-year plan for bringing France into a leadership roll in EU and the world. I would highly encourage you to watch that interview. For those who don’t have the time to do that maybe my quick very edited transcript which will give you an idea of why he is inspiring to me. ¬†Click here to see that.

I certainly hope that if and when the US falls out of dominance that EU will be ready to take up that mantle. This gives me hope that just might be the case.  But, I also hope that other young forward thinker like him will rise from the swamp of current American politics.  I am just tired of this country being run by old white men.

Here’s to you Emmanuel, viva la France.

China And The US.. A Perfect Storm..

To get started, let’s look at how Wikipedia¬† defines “a perfect storm”:

A “perfect storm” is an expression that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will aggravate a situation drastically.

I think the idea of a perfect storm is where we likely are in world events today.¬† China is aching to take over as “the” world leader while at the same time the current US administration is shrinking into a protectionist mode and recklessly abandoning its responsibilities in that regard. We are headed for a perfect storm and much sooner than many might anticipate.

Let’s look at some of the circumstances that is making this change of leadership possible:

2017-10-23_11-07-47.pngIf you have had your head in the sand as far as China is concerned you need to look at it in the light of today.¬† They are spending way more than the US when it comes to infrastructure. Their hydroelectric projects alone dwarf anything that we are doing.¬† Their GDP growth makes our’s seem miniscule. In fact the coming year will see China’s GDP exceed ours and the trend is ever increasing after that. It is expected that China’s GDP will be double ours within four years.

China is pushing big time to be the world leader in electric cars, solar and wind power. They realize that is the future of our energy needs. Building the world’s largest hydroelectric dam was the beginning of this movement to a limitless clean energy source. Since things are moving at such a rapid pace in these technologies I fret to see the damage that the current federal administration will do in the 38 months they have left in office.¬† I just hope that America’s private enterprise at¬† least makes a meager attempt to keep up with China in this area.¬† If they don’t we could be in serious trouble in the coming decades and maybe centuries.

In summary, maybe our time as world leaders has appropriately come to an end.   Rome had their day, England had theirs, so maybe it is time for the mantel to pass. If China is to take over that role I hope the their leaders are up to the task. Obviously ours have not been lately.

President Chump Going To China

I see where President Chump is making an official visit to China next week. He will never admit it but I know he is kinda intimidated by President¬†Xi Jinping so he is taking a bunch of people with him to back him up and to have them tell Xi just what a great president the US now has.¬† I’m sure he will also let¬† him know that is he much smarter than Xi so don’t try to pull anything over on him.

I don’t know what the “official” purpose of the visit is but I’m pretty sure the de facto reason is to turn over the world leadership to China. President Chump knows he doesn’t have the desire to handle all the messes in the world today and he has no plans for Middle Eastern Chump Towers so why even bother with that part of the world. But he stands by ready to give Xi any of his wise advice he might need.

2017-10-23_11-06-45.pngPresident Xi is more than willing to take the world leader handoff. As far as he is concerned the US has had that title way too long so it’s time for China to take over now.¬† I also see that 2018 is¬† the year when China takes over as the biggest annual GDP so maybe the world leadership role is now an appropriate one.

I know President Chump really wants to make a deal with Xi. Since his advisors tell him that China is so good at making walls maybe he can get them to build one for us and they pay for it.¬† So many possibilities for this upcoming visit…

More & More.. and then the Chinese Way..

HavingMySay Banner¬† ¬†I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since our American culture is now almost totally geared around consumer spending. We simply can’t keep the paradigm going if we spend less this year than we did last.

It seems that houses today MUST have  master suites with at least 150 square foot closets and 200 square foot bathrooms. The general rule is that the family now needs 1,000 square foot of house for every member.  Two kids = 4,000 SF minimum.

But a point of this post is one of the items that kind of sneaked up on me was that apparently, at least to the semi-affluent folks, it is unacceptable for kids to share a bedroom with their siblings! I don’t know when this happened but it crops up on more and more on the house flipper and fixup shows and such that my wife is addicted to. ¬†They say every child needs his own room so that he/she can grow their own personality. ¬†Now, I know I am going back to the “good old days” when I say I didn’t have a bedroom of my own until I graduated from college. ¬†How did I manage to become a real person apart from my siblings and roommates? In other words, I think this new trend reeks of alternate truth. Or maybe it is just another way to continue to consume more and more.

canstockphoto36017688.jpgNow finally getting to the main point of this post and that is how China looks at things differently than we do, or at least as the Trump administration does. ¬†I would highly recommend a BBC-America TV series entitled “Tales from Modern China”. That series is an eye-opener for how China is doing almost everything right in order to become the next world leader. Their infrastructure improvements dwarfs our and a high percentage of it is in solar/wind/water renewable resources. Of course we know that at least the leadership of our country has decided that this approach is dead wrong.

To see all the giant advances that China has made in the last decade alone makes it pretty obvious they will welcome their new role as world leader and put the US into a follower mode as we did for England.  I wonder if all those Evangelicals who put Trump in office will ever realize the mistake they made.  But more importantly, I wonder if all those who stayed home on election day and allowed 25% of the voting age population to choose a president will realize the mistake they made.

Is is too late to reverse this change in world leadership? Maybe… maybe not…