I’m An Air Force Pilot..

2017-12-26_13-05-29.pngI want to make it clear up front that I personally am not an Air Force Pilot. 🙂  I heard this simple phrase on a show I was watching a few minutes ago and realized that that description will come to mean something very different in the next few years.

The technology involved in our warplanes has simply outgrown the human interface sitting in them.  When air-to-air combat happens now the pilots of the two planes never actually see each other. Instead, a computer lock on to the target and all the pilot does is push a button.  Computer-guided bombs are delivered the same way. There is really no need for a human in the cockpit anymore.

In fact, the pilot is more of a liability than an asset now.  I have heard it said that half the cost our military jets is to protect the pilot. When we remove him/her planes could almost be built as expendable crafts. The use of drones is taking over on an exponential basis now.  Very soon, when someone says “I am an Air Force pilot” it will mean that he sits in a darkened room with a joystick and large monitors.

2017-12-26_13-07-25.pngTaking this to the next level, and I certainly do that don’t I, why don’t we just let our machines go to war instead of sacrificing human lives.  If your machines destroy mine then you won the war.  That’s kind of like one of my favorite techie shows on now called “Battle Bots”. All the wars in my lifetime have proven to be a total waste of humanity and resources.  Every enemy we have had are now are friends.

If we must go to war then let’s do it with our machines and not put young lives at risk…