I Am Stubbornly Determined…

2018-01-16_13-11-13The only way to keep your sanity in today’s political world is to keep away from it. The Oval Office occupant continues to show his vulgar racist side and daily proof that he is a very flawed individual. Congress continues to show us that the two existing governing parties hate each other and will never compromise on anything that makes the other look good. Trying to keep up with what is happening in that world will only result in depression and gloom.

Here is are a few more examples of the challenges from the New York Times:

Are we all going to descend permanently into the Trump standard of acceptable behavior?

Or, are we going to restore the distinction between excellence and mediocrity, truth and a lie?

Are we going to insist on the difference between a genuine expert and an ill-informed blow hard?

Are we going to restore the distinction between those institutions like the Congressional Budget Office that operate by professional standards and speak with legitimate authority, and the propaganda mills that don’t?

via The Decline of Anti-Trumpism – The New York Times

If we entirely disengage from these times we are basically saying that the vulgar, selfish, lying, narcissist side has won and is now the norm. That tenet is totally unacceptable to me and I hope to you.  So, what is a person to do?

For me personally, the answer seems to be to limit my exposure to this idiocy but to stay engaged in the battle.

  • I am determined to just quit following all the ugly twitter rages and much of the antagonizing reports of them anymore.
  • I am determined to take a drone level view from now on.
  • I am determined to not go down in the ditch with my opponents but instead stay above it.
  • I am determined to stay in the fight for America. I will do my part to not let these times kidnap the word “normal”.

This is a fine line I am trying to maintain but I don’t see any other alternative. I refuse to let fear and untruth take hold of my life or my country.