The Trouble with Lies…

Being unable to read is illiteracy. That is tragic but something even worse is being able to read but choosing not to.  Of course, you know who I am talking about.

canstockphoto14308761We have never had a president in our history who was proudly illiterate until now.  He claims he is a genius and graduated first in his class at Wharton College.  A reporter recently found public records of those who made the Dean’s List during those years and Mr. Trump was never on the list. So how could someone who graduated at the top of his class not make the dean’s list?  Of course, that is impossible. But if pushed to it Trump would probably give another conspiracy theory about how the dean didn’t like that he was so much smarter than him that he erased his name.

This all brings to mind a personal story. I have let it be known here on RJsCorner that my mother, like our current president, was an extreme narcissist.  Some of her regular fabrications were about her occupation.

  • She proclaimed was a college graduate when in fact she very likely never graduated from high school. She was pregnant at the age of fifteen in the 1940s and then had a second child (me) at 17. Preganent girls did not attend high school during those years let along college.
  • In another part of her life, she proclaimed she was a nurse when in fact she only worked as a receptionist in a doctor’s office for less than a year in her early twenties.
  • Later in life, she proclaimed she was a doctor. This came about when she volunteered once a week for two months at a local medical center and they let her wear a white coat. After that, she added “Dr.” to her name everywhere she could.
  • After her fourth husband died and I had to take over managing her life, I insisted she stop saying she was a doctor. Reluctantly she did so, but then she started telling all the assisted-living and nursing home folks that she was the head nurse at a major metropolitan hospital.

I don’t think she really consciously knew she was constantly lying. She was probably convinced in her own mind of each of the fabricated occupations. Her narcissism dictated so many lies in her life. The same thing is true for Mr. Trump and his fabrications. He claims he is a genius so there is nothing else he needs to know. He proclaims he is a billionaire but hides possible proof of it and calls it a “red line” if anyone should access his tax returns.

The primary symptom of Narcissism is that they make EVERYTHING is about them. There is no meaning outside of themselves. Sadly that proved to be true yet again when he recently tweeted about the latest school shooting. His point wasn’t about empathy, of which he likely has none, but instead about how investigating him made it happen. Everything has to be about him.

In closing, the trouble with compounding one lie after another is that it becomes impossible to keep them straight.

4 thoughts on “The Trouble with Lies…

  1. On reading and the ability to do so… (I’m not trying to defend Trump here just adding a relevant comment).

    We seem to be discovering or discerning a real issue about maintaining an ability to really read longer books and documents.. As this requires an ability stay focused for sufficient time to remain engaged with the material to comprehend what is being read.

    The loss of this ability to focus for very long seems to be related to the fact that we are now reading so much more in short bites and using short videos for information. We (generally speaking) may be reducing our attention span to the point where we just can’t read lengthy and complex material as well as we did in the past.

    So… I wonder if what has compounded Trumps inability to read anything has been caused by a steady diet over many years of TV news and “executive summaries” of everything he gets for information has atrophied what little reading ability he already had. Just wondering…

    In this “sound bite culture” maybe we are all being impacted by this [to some extent] as well.

    It might be age-related (at 70) but I do see that my attention span for reading is not what it used to be.


    1. Very insightful Bob. You and I share many of the same questions. I too tire of reading windy things that could be said much more efficiently. I find myself internally yelling “COME TO THE POINT” more in the last few years than before in my life. Is it a result of my aging years or what I really don’t know. But I think if I had the world on my shoulders I would do whatever was necessary to make the right decisions. Diligently studying the issues would be one of those things.

      I lived off and on with a narcissist most of my life and can spot one from a mile away now.


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