How Can They Keep Supporting Him??

If you believe the polls then you have to accept that up to 40% of potential voters have drank the GOP Kool-Aid that evaporates brain cells. The only cells left seem to be those that hold fear emotions. Go ahead and shout that I am painting with too broad a brush. But, there is no logic that I can conjure up that will allow me … Continue reading How Can They Keep Supporting Him??

They Will Always Be Among You…

There is a bible verse that Jesus says “the poor will always be among you”. Some branches of Evangelicals twist that verse to downplay his command to help the poor and to be your brother’s keeper. In this post I will twist it to say that those who are self-centered and empathy deficient will always be among us. This post is what to do about that.

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Responsibility of the Gatekeepers

There is so much disinformation flying around today that it is becoming a threat to our form of democracy. Why that is and who is responsible for reigning it in? That is what this post is all about.

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The Trouble with Lies…

Being unable to read is illiteracy. That is tragic but something even worse is being able to read but choosing not to.¬† Of course, you know who I am talking about. We have never had a president in our history who was proudly illiterate until now.¬† He claims he is a genius and graduated first in his class at Wharton College.¬† A reporter recently found … Continue reading The Trouble with Lies…

Another 10 Lies From a Trump Interview

To me, the most disgraceful¬†thing about the current Oval Office occupant is his constant lying and exaggerations.¬† I’m not sure how much of it is just plain ignorance, but even ignorance is no excuse. From the quote¬†below he managed to rattle off ten lies¬†in less than 10 minutes. Maybe that is a record but I kind of doubt it. I wonder what the total lie … Continue reading Another 10 Lies From a Trump Interview

Cigarette Aren’t Addictive..

I still remember the words in this blog’s title coming from each of the cigarette company CEOs while testifying before a congressional committee in 1994. ¬†They all stood up and swore that cigarettes addiction was a fallacy. ¬† About that time I had been free from cigarettes for about two years after 25 years of use. ¬†Breaking that addiction was one of the hardest things … Continue reading Cigarette Aren’t Addictive..