Another 10 Lies From a Trump Interview

To me, the most disgraceful thing about the current Oval Office occupant is his constant lying and exaggerations.  I’m not sure how much of it is just plain ignorance, but even ignorance is no excuse. From the quote below he managed to rattle off ten lies in less than 10 minutes. Maybe that is a record but I kind of doubt it. I wonder what the total lie count is for the year just ended? Probably in the thousands..

2017-12-31_11-42-47.pngPresident Trump, in an impromptu interview on Thursday with The New York Times, rattled off at least 10 false or misleading claims about …

  • He inaccurately said the claims against Paul Manafort occurred “many years ago before I ever heard of him.”
  • He misrepresented what a senator has said about the Russia investigation.
  • He falsely claimed the Democrats “made the Russian story up as a hoax, as a ruse, as an excuse for losing an election.”
  • He claimed to have “saved coal,” contrary to trends reported by the government.
  • He overstated his influence on the special Senate election in Alabama.
  • He gave a premature estimate of the cost of the wars in the Middle East.
  • He falsely claimed to have “essentially gutted and ended Obamacare.”
  • With no evidence, he accused other countries of sending their “worst people” through the diversity visa lottery.
  • He exaggerated the trade deficit with other countries
  • He exaggerated the number of followers he has on social media

Source:10 Falsehoods From Trump’s Interview With The Times – The New York Times

Maybe I should forgive him for this horrible trait? He has lived a totally privileged life that has been centered exclusively around himself. I think his father was much like him so maybe it is inherited?

But one thing I am certain of is that the blame for him occupying that cherished real estate is the ignorance of the voters who put him there and the laziness of the ones who didn’t bother to vote at all. I hear leaks from his once buddy Steve Bannon that while he was campaigning he didn’t want, nor expect to be elected and was shocked as much as anyone else at the voter ignorance that put him there.

I find it somewhat relieving that we managed the first year of him and am hoping that this year will be his last and in 2020 we will have learned our lessons never to allow this to happen again.

Cigarette Aren’t Addictive..

2017-07-18_16-47-44.pngI still remember the words in this blog’s title coming from each of the cigarette company CEOs while testifying before a congressional committee in 1994.  They all stood up and swore that cigarettes addiction was a fallacy.   About that time I had been free from cigarettes for about two years after 25 years of use.  Breaking that addiction was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  To hear those seven guys tell me that lie shocked me but it wouldn’t by any means be the last time that happened

As Yoggi Berra used to say “its daja vu all over again” today when I listen to all those people around Mr. Trump say they have never heard him lie I think I am living in an alternative universe. We somehow went back 23 years in time! Maybe all those seven CEOs now work in the White House?

2017-07-18_16-36-12.pngBut then again it also reminded me that even though it seems worse, things are not that much different than they were then.

The GOP continues to be a party for the rich and they are willing to toss everyone else aside because the rich are the true capitalists who make this country great. Or maybe it is  that we need to give them more money so they can spend it and it therefore flows, or should I say trickles, down to the rest of us. We just never seem to be able to get some sane people into our nation’s capital, especially in the Republican party.

One thing that has changed is the the Democratic party seems to no longer be for the working class guy but instead is now a champion for those along the fringes of society.

It is being said that with all the gridlock in our nation’s capital that all it would take is the election of six Independent senators and they could pretty much decide the direction of pretty much all legislation.  Maybe, like Britain it is time for a strong third party in the USA.  I would likely even contribute to one of them even if my state of Indiana would never have the guts to elect one.

🙂 🙂 Cigarette aren’t addictive, and Donald Trump has never told a lie 🙂 🙂