The Capacity To Enjoy Less…


Will Rogers is my favorite source for quotes but sometimes I discover wisdom elsewhere.  🙂 In this case, it is Socrates. For those who might not know the guy,  he lived 2500 years ago and is credited with being the founder of Western Philosophy.  His words above are probably more relevant today than when he originally spoke them.

Now I know this message is very counter to capitalism and if it were fully practiced in the USA our current economic foundation would likely collapse. Our economy  depends on each of us spending more and more, so developing the capacity to enjoy less is tantamount to heresy. But, it sure does lead to a more peaceful life if you ask me.

If it were up to me I would be living in a 300 square feet “tiny home” on a postage stamp piece of land. But, it is not up to me as I can’t seem to convince my wife of the joy of less.  But there are things I can do without her concurrence. One of those is over the past few years, I have shrunk my wardrobe to one-fourth its previous size. All of my clothes now reside on a three-foot closet rod. Even with that, I find I wear less than half the things still hanging there. My barn which was previously stuffed full of things I never used is now pretty much empty.

I have found that living on less is much easier than I imagined. I definitely have developed the anti-American capacity to enjoy less.

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