Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

I know the title of this post is a worn out cliche but it does kinda make sense for this post about WalMart taking on Amazon in the online market. Another worn out cliche that fits this scenario is “Better late than never”.

It is still kind of hard to think of Walmart as “old-school”. I can remember when there were none of them around. I think of McDonald’s in the same vein. Both are trying to hold on to the dominance they once had in their markets while others are quickly eating their dinner so to speak.  McDonald’s, at least in my area, are going through a pretty severe facelift.  The golden arches are for the most part gone except for a small one on the side of the new plain grey facade.  But in both cases, I kind of think its too little too late but I am getting ahead of myself here.

2018-05-17_08-15-25.pngWalmart is trying to bring up a strong online presence but from my personal experiences, it is a pretty meager effort. Their “new” website is well (yawn) boring. It just lacks the pizzazz and speed of response of Amazon. But I have recently given them a chance. I was in need of a new twin mattress for my microRV and found that Walmart has the one I want for about the same price as Amazon, so I ordered it.  They promised a 3 day delivery to my local store.  When I went to pick it up I found a pretty much untrained staff to handle the transaction. I wish them luck but…

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  1. To tell you the truth, I have had really good results with Walmart – I love Amazon and am a Prime Member – but deliveries aren’t always 2 days – not that it actually makes a big difference to me – I also love Amazon’s website over Walmart’s – I probably order 95% Amazon and 5% Walmart – sometimes Walmart is a lot cheaper than Amazon – all depends – Amazon does some tricky pricing sometimes. But it only takes a few minutes to check both sites and decide which is best. I am 72 and feel so fortunate to live in a time that we can shop on-line – have a wide variety of merchandise to choose from – check prices and have things delivered to our door all in a matter of a couple of days – who would have thought. Good Lord – what next – driverless cars? – oh yeah – they ARE here LOL


    • Hi Mary Ellen and welcome to RJsCorner. Come back often with your thoughts. I don’t mind going to my local Walmart to pick something up I have ordered online. I think it is just my local Walmart doesn’t get the volume of online business that others do and so they were probably not trained for it. But, as you suggested I will be looking at them in the future for some of that business. Yeah, I know Amazon does some pretty sneaky things like offering the same product for different prices. You do have to watch out for that.

      You only beat me in age by a year or so, but I couldn’t agree more with the idea of how convenient things are now. I personally can’t wait for driverless cars. I thoroughly enjoy my road trips and would enjoy them even more if I could just sit back an enjoy the view instead of watching where I am going.


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