More Is Not Always Better.

slice1.pngIt seems there are many people who always want more and more.  Of course, that is basically the foundation for our economic system here in the US. Given the fact that our population has plateaued in recent decades, each of us buying more is the only way for our GDP to constantly increase year over year especially now that our government is doing everything they can to prevent others from coming to our country.

Let’s look at a few glaring examples of this syndrome of always wanting more and more.

I see more and more of those restaurants that want to you to buy their 3 lb hamburger stuffed with french fries and other grease ridden ingredients.  We all know that this trend is not good for you healthwise but we ignore that fact.

I see more and more of some techie folks who complain that the Apple Mac has not had a hardware update in four years. They want more power even if they don’t or can’t even use it. If there are no upgrades then there is little need to buy another device. I see this as kind of like those people who insist on having a six-burner commercial grade stove even though they prepare 90% of their meals in a microwave oven.

 But as usual, I think for myself and take a different view of the world. There comes a point in time where enough-is-enough. We don’t need 1,000 sq ft/person homes.  We don’t need computers capable of sequencing DNA when all we do is play computer games. We don’t need to work our butts off to get more and more instead of spending time as a family.

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4 thoughts on “More Is Not Always Better.

    • Thanks for the thoughts and your link. I think I would be a candidate for the “tiny house” (under 400 sq ft) but my wife likes her space. 🙂 I have been in retirement for going on 20 years now and we are living quite comfortably on quite a bit less than pre-retirement, although we have always been frugal. When you stop trying to impress others and only look at what you need, life is much more peaceful and satisfying isn’t it?


  • I read Your Money or Your Life many years ago and that influenced my spending habits. I began to calculate how many hours I had to work to buy something. We realized we cared more about financial security and experiences and that is how we lived our lives. Never cared what anyone else thought. No regrets. The simple life is really the best.


    • Hi Donna, and welcome to RJsCorner. Come back often with your thoughts. I guess coming from a family where a milkman was the primary provider taught me how to be frugal. That and my Aspie traits taught me too how not to care what others thought. I guess my frugal ways paid off in the end as I had enough saved up to have a very satisfying retirement. Well, at least until the Republicans manage to take away Social Security and Medicare. 🙂 They have been trying for 80 years now and with the nut in the White House, they just may get that done this time…


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