Back At It… But Not Without Changes

It was a nice couple of weeks off from RJsCorner. Even though I spent much of the time bringing up a new website, I allowed my brain to slow down a little bit. I allowed my creativity to take control.  Here it is in the mid-July to mid-August timeframe where outside things slow down considerably here in the Midwest but that did not stop me from accomplishing long awaited things in that arena also.

2018-08-10_08-03-02My proud masterpiece in the online area is a new site to show off all my photos from traveling around America. My portfolio now exceeds 23,000 photos taken over a 50-year time span but mostly from the last 20 years.  They were just not getting the attention they deserved from you or me when they were merged into RJsCorner. Putting them into a site dedicated to pictures just makes sense to me.  If you visit  MyViewOfTheWorld please let me know what you think? As a constant reminder,  a link to it will permanently reside on the sidebar here at RJsCorner.

The second change that has resulted from my hiatus is that I am no longer going to be blogging on a daily basis. Now, the posts will likely come about 3 or 4 times a week. I will take off Saturdays and will only periodically post on Sundays with my Squawks, which are longer more detailed discussions about some aspect of life.

Finally, I vow to try to talk more about hope and not contribute so much to the dark side of life today.  You know what I mean.. after the impeachment is over maybe we can get back to more political discussions again. 🙂

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