On Vacation Until ??

canstockphoto19651352.jpgI’m taking some time off from RJsCorner to do some yard work and other special projects.

One of those projects is to bring up a new website for my photo portfolios.  Flickr and such just don’t meet my requirements so I am designing a site of my own.  My Information Technology (IT) experience comes in handy even in my retirement years. 🙂

I’ll let you know when that is up and what the URL is.  I expect it to be finished in a couple of weeks. I don’t know how long I will be gone from RJsCorner.  If Congress can take a vacation from their madness, I guess I can too.

4 thoughts on “On Vacation Until ??

  1. Good for you – think I’ll do the same – so much yard work to do – so hot outside – Get a good rest – I’m going to do yard work – read a couple of books and turn off the news for three weeks – Clear my head – really enjoy reading your blog – look forward to your return. Mary Ellem


    1. Good for you Mary Ellen. I too am trying to clear my head of the news, but being a news junkie all my life that is quite a challenge for me. I am spending my time on my photo portfolio of 40 years. Trying to decide the best way to show it to potential viewers. Web design was my last corporate work 18 years ago, so in a way, I am getting back to it yet again. It’s in my blood I think?? 🙂


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