Unreported Income??

2018-09-07_11-36-49.pngIt is estimated that the IRS loses about $500 billion yearly due to unreported income. A big part of that amount is from the self-employed who simply pocket money without putting it on their books. Except for the fast-food franchises and of course the local Walmart, the small town I live in is pretty much local businesses. When I go to the hardware store, more often than not, the cash from my small sale is mostly just pocketed. I imagine the same happens in small towns across America.

If the IRS is losing $500 billion that basically means that if all our citizens paid their fair share we could as one example finally fund universal healthcare so that we would join the rest of the world in deeming that healthcare is an inalienable right for all instead of just those who can afford it.  $500 billion a year would also go a long way in improving our infrastructure.  The USA is becoming the laughing stock of the world for our 3rd world roads and bridges.

It really bugs me whenever I see that TV commercial where some smiling person proudly proclaims that he owed $250,000 in taxes but only had to pay $500 because he went to the company that paid for the advertisement. I don’t believe in debtor’s prison but this guy should be put in jail making other pay his share!!

There just seems to be too many people who shun their responsibilities of citizenship around today. They want something for nothing.   But, perhaps the biggest problem is their failure to vote. By doing so, they let a small minority elect a know-nothing president.

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