Can We Americans Process Reality?

2018-09-16_21-28-06.pngI often wonder how the rest of the world see those of us who are born in the US? Thanks to my new friend over at Eudaimonia and Co I am beginning to get a clearer view of that.

  • I know the rest of the world pretty much thinks all of us are obsessed with our guns to the point of being willing to sacrifice our kids in order to keep them.
  • I have known for a long time that most Europeans are fascinated by the junk and inferior products we Americans are willing to accept.
  • I know that during my visits to Canada they just can’t understand why we put up with our grossly high-cost medical system and then deny people even that!

The words below put my thoughts on another level of the basic difference between our consumer-driven capitalism and the socialist models of it found in Europe and Scandinavia.

Americans don’t seem capable of processing, integrating, or accepting basic everyday realities about the world anymore. Not the ones from Harvard and Yale. Nor the ones from Kansas and Nebraska. Now, both of these tribes loathe one another. But whom does that leave, precisely? Go ahead and look around. What do you see. “The economy’s booming!” Wait — life expectancy’s falling. “Socialism’s too expensive!!” Uh, have you seen American healthcare prices?…

Do you see what I see? A psychology that is totally, fatally, shatteringly disconnected from reality. Americans seem to need to take refuge in fabulous and grandiose myths, of how wonderful and special they are…

Source: Can Americans Process Reality? – Eudaimonia and Co

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  1. It is absolutely amazing without a doubt. It seems that anything outside of preconceived beliefs is wrong even if presented with evidence to the contrary. Try having a conversation about “freedom of speech”. People absolutely insist this means they should be able to say anything without any consequences. If there are consequences it not free. And this is in the context of the constitutional first amendment rights. Even if shown evidence that their version of freedom of speech is incorrect they absolutely insist the evidence is wrong.
    All but one of the southern states articles of succession explicitly state that one of the chief reasons they were succeeding was to preserve slavery. Even when presented with this information most of the South will strongly insist that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery.

    And then, of course, you have the Christians that insist the Biblical account of creation is absolutely true and the universe is only 6000 years old even though there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the universe is 14 billion years old.

    We have no ability for any sort of self-reflection. We are grossly unaware of our history and when there is some knowledge there seems to be no idea of the implications of the historical situation.

    Its all just fake news, just your opinion, or anything but real or that we should care about.

    It’s not only sad but scary.

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