You Always Have A Choice..

2018-08-12_11-47-05All of us have pity parties at times in our lives. We bemoan that we didn’t get the breaks in life that so many others did.  The strike back reaction for many now days is to publically insult those we stealthily envy. It goes like this “I can’t have it so they shouldn’t either!”

I learned the lesson in the above quote later in life than I realized. Whenever life gives you an opportunity you need to realize that you always have a choice.  Many times circumstances that you once dreaded proved to be a jump-start for a new opportunity.  For those who hate change, these times are agonizing but often necessary. For example, being replaced by a robot gives you the opportunity to go to a trade school to prepare for a job that is much more secure than the one you were forced out of. You always have a choice.

I know some folks have thoroughly convinced themselves, or maybe it was driven into them by others, that they can’t learn anything new. They might not admit that but deep down too many have such low self-esteem to believe that they actually have a choice.  When their no-thinking-required manual labor job disappears they think their only option is to become bitter about their life’s circumstances. They strike out at almost anyone and everyone. You always have a choice.

There are those who were born in rural America who see their way of life disappearing due to agricultural automation and consolidation.  Their little town is a now an empty shell of what it once was and they are bitter about that.  They have a mentality that they are a tree and are permanently rooted in their current circumstances. You always have a choice.

You Always Have A Choice

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