What If Someone Better Comes Along?

The2018-09-08_12-54-07.png title above is a very interesting one for me.  Due to my self-diagnosed Aspie traits, my social skills have never been anything approaching normal. I just don’t think in the venue as most everyone else does it seems.  Clicking with almost any female was a non-starter for me. I tried it on several attempts but I usually never got very far. So, it totally surprised me when my now wife of 32 years showed an interest in me. I never dreamed I would have a serious relationship let alone get married.

I imagine that those more socially prone have asked themselves the above question in the title on more than one occasion. At least I hope they have.  One basic problem is that too many of us settle for what is in front of us instead of waiting for something better to come along and that results in over half of us divorcing and usually making the same mistakes all over again the second and third time. 🙂  Instead of the question above, too many of us probably ask the reverse, “what if no one else comes along?”

Outside of the relationship venue, I personally have settled for what was in front of me far too many times in my life. I regret not having admitted that I was in the wrong profession early on in my career.  Instead, I clung to the financial security that my job was providing. It was not until the last fourth of my work life that I finally got into something that I really enjoyed doing.  Because I thought nothing better would come along I spent 20+ years of my life in a job I got little enjoyment from. Don’t make that same mistake…



  1. I know how you feel. I could have started my business, and nonprofit, years before I did/will. Knowing how far I could have grown between then and now is a major source of motivation. It’s a shame that so many people learn the opposite lesson, or never try in the first place.


    • Thanks for your thoughts. Because many companies no longer value their employees as they did in my day, it is easier to “move one” for those starting out today. I knew from the time I bought my first computer (Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80) I was meant to be an IT guy but it took me more than 10 years to get up the courage to make that shift.

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    • Thanks for the thoughts Barb. I guess for me it comes down to guts. I just didn’t have the courage to strike out on a different career path in the middle of my work life. I ended up in the “right” career via the back door. In my spare time I designed an app that everyone wanted and when a VP of the corporation took note I was quickly offered a new position.

      Without the “job security” that our generation had, I think the current generations are braver than I was. They say the current generation will change jobs seven times in their careers!


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