About Empathy

2018-09-13_07-38-39.pngI am convinced that, as a general rule, my Republican friends pretty much lack empathy to any degree. I know this could be “painting with a broad brush” type thing but hear me out. I find example after example of this fact in my daily life. Let me give you a few examples.

I have a Republican friend who goes on and on about how all those people on welfare are freeloaders.  To him, they are just too lazy to go out and get a job.  I try to tell him that on the average most people are on welfare less than a year. He has admitted that his sister was on welfare, but he assures me that she really needed it.  He just can’t seem to understand that people who have temporary circumstances need and should get help. To him, everyone besides his sister is just lazy freeloaders.

Then there is Betsy DeVos, the current leader of the department of education who is now in the process of making sure that for-profit colleges get the money they need to pay their shareholders lavish dividends while at the same time making it harder for students to pay off their college debt. There just seems to be a serious lack of empathy among those who call themselves Republicans.

Then there is the soon to be ex-congressmen/ house leader Paul Ryan. His adoration of Ayn Rand along with her “Empathy is the scourge of mankind” certainly shows that he lacks empathy to any degree.

One thing I most admire about Jesus of Nazareth was that he had a huge amount of empathy. He even said that if your neighbor needs help give him the shirt off your back. He said that if you adore money give it all away to the poor and then you can follow him. Sadly, there are just so many who call themselves Christians who seem to believe the exact opposite of Jesus’ teachings! They rail against anyone getting something they didn’t work for. But isn’t that the foundation of Christianity.  “You don’t deserve it but since Christ died for your sins you will live an eternity in heaven.” Talk about freeloading…

6 thoughts on “About Empathy

  1. You are so correct on this point. People also don’t understand the difference between empathy and sympathy. And I do think it’s a typical trait that republicans don’t have…empathy. It’s like it’s lack, is wired into conservatism.

    If people could be reincarnated into a poor person born into poverty and perhaps drugs and a missing father, they might get it.
    Or born into an immigrant family living a dangerous hard life and then fleeing to escape, they might get that too.
    Or born with a natural attraction to the same sex and still desiring love and a family, they might get that too.
    But alas, this is not going to happen and their prejudices and judgements will continue. I see and hear it constantly…and it it often driven by religion.
    We are a species divided and often lack of empathy, is the reason.


    1. As usual, some very wise thoughts Mary. I am in the process of writing an extended post/squawk about why so many people are angry and why they might think the Trump is the solution to their problems. What you mention is one of the strong possibilities.


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