I Gotta Say This…

I know I have sworn off things political here at RJsCorner but I have to chime in on the latest ugliness.  I watched part of the Judiciary hearing yesterday and Professor Ford’s testimony seemed very heartfelt and true to me. It seems that most of the political pundits with the exception of Fox News thinks the same as I do. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the Republicans won’t at the very least tell the FBI to investigate her charges further.  If they go ahead with this vote it will prove to everyone just how partisan our Congress and possibly the country has become.

No, I don’t regard something stupid done in teenage years as condemning someone from any political office. But, a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land should not be handed out simply to gain political advantage. I am sure that Mr. Kavanaugh could have avoided these circumstances if he had just admitted that he drank a lot as a teenager and maybe doesn’t remember everything that occurred during drunken stupors.   Instead, he is apparently lying under oath in order to get what he wants. Will he join Clarence Thomas as yet another tainted Justice on the Supreme Court?

I hope that if the Republicans manage to ram through his appointment like they did the Anita Hill fiasco, that they suffer the consequences of their actions in the coming elections.  Morality and truth MUST overwhelm political partisanship every time.  If it doesn’t then we are in some deep trouble as a country.