Proudly Ignorant

I have been thinking a lot lately about the mindset of those who think #CO3 is their savior/hero.  Two words that seem to stick in my mind are “proudly ignorant”. A good portion of these folks just hates the fact that others think they are more intelligent than them.  Even though they know that they are ignorant of many different levels they despise being told that fact.  “How dare those liberals who think they are better than I am!!” To get down to the crux of it they just seem to be proudly ignorant.

I admit that I am ignorant on many topics but I deem that condition a liability, not an asset as they seem to believe. As my hero Will Rogers says we are all ignorant but just in different areas. There are just so many areas where I don’t have the information necessary to make an intelligent decision. In those areas, I defer to others who are more knowledgeable decide the best choices. One of those areas is the local school boards.  In our small town elections, I let the folks who have kids in school decide who should occupy those positions. I certainly do have opinions about the education system in the US but since it doesn’t directly affect me I choose to be ignorant on the topic of local schools.

2018-09-25_16-24-52.pngThe trouble with too many is that they know they are ignorant on many issues but don’t have any desire to correct that problem via a little open-mindedness and study.  When that is the case they move from ignorant to stupid. Yes, there is a difference…

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#CO3 = Current Oval Office Occupant