While I Cherish Change…

If you have been around RJsCorner I’m sure you know by now that I cherish change. Change allows us to do things better than before. It allows us a second or maybe third chance to get it right. But not all change is good, even for me. 🙂

Ust FitsAt least to some degree, I believe in the old adage “If it ain’t broken, why change it”. This post is targeted at bathroom products.  I know that sounds strange but it is a story I must tell.  I have come to cherish my morning shower, especially in my retirement years.  It is a time to say a few prayers of thanks for yesterday and to pray for a good day today. It is a time to think as a deeper level than I normally do.

I like my shower routine and have been doing the same things for more years than I care to remember. Part of that routine has always included Zest Soap and Prell Shampoo.  I have been using these two products for three or more decades now.  Until recently they have stayed pretty much the same.  Then came the inevitable cost reductions. Zest now resembles more of a dumbbell than a bar of soap. I guess someone in their omnipotent wisdom decided as long as they keep the perimeter the same no one will notice that they are getting less soap for an increased cost.  On the shampoo side, after decades of providing a good product, it was sold to another company who proceeded to turn it into a watery liquid.

It took a while but I have now replaced both of these products and things are getting back to normal.  🙂

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3 thoughts on “While I Cherish Change…

  1. What have you found that you are happy to use instead of the Prell. Not me, but my husband used Prell for his whole adult life—he is now 69—until he could no longer find it. He complains (laments) still every time he has to buy more shampoo and cannot find it! If you’ve found a replacement, i’d Sure like to know, so he can try it.


    1. Good Morning Jackie. I did a lot of investigating and tried several products but I did find a good, maybe even better, substitute for Prell. It is Suave Naturals Daily Clarifying Shampoo and I get mine from Amazon. From my search, I found that Prell is a very abrasive shampoo that contains two kinds of phosphates. Suave only has one of them but seems to do the job pretty well. One thing I notice that is different is that the hair I have left seems to have more body than before. Not that I usually notice such things. 🙂

      Give it a try and let me know what your husband things. I think he will be happy with it.


  2. Thanks. I will look for this product and let you know. It will likely be a while before I can get him to try it—he really isn’t one to try something new. 😏


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