2018-10-06_16-49-44Let me start out by saying that I take my promises seriously.  When I promise to do something I will do everything in my power to make it happen. The definition of the word “Allegiance” for me is a promise of loyalty.  It means I will be loyal to something, someone or some ideal no matter the circumstances.  I am kinda like my Quaker friends in that I am uncomfortable swearing oaths or complete loyalties. In that regard, it is hard to pledge allegiance to my country when I see it heading down a destructive path that is contrary to its historic values.  Yes, I pledge allegiance to the ideals of America but not necessarily to what it is today. The ending of the pledge “with liberty and justice for all” is certainly worth a pledge of allegiance but we just can’t seem to make that happen.

2018-10-06_16-52-04.pngAnyone who has studied US history much knows that some of the things in our constitution and yes, in the Pledge of Allegiance have not been fully realized in the 200+ years of our existence. The ending of the pledge is one of those things.

  • If only there was the same justice for the poor as there is for the rich.
  • If only all of us were treated the same no matter the color of our skin.
  • If only all of us had the same opportunities for a good education.
  • If only all of us had the assurance of good healthcare.

Liberty and Justice for all are ideals I could pledge my loyalty to.