Oblivious To The Chatter…

I am putting on my soothsayer hat for this post so be forewarned. ๐Ÿ™‚

I did my weekly walk at the mall, as usual, this week and again saw so many people thoroughly attached to their cell phones. Many just can’t seem to even put them in their pockets anymore, they have to constantly hold them.ย  I don’t know what the current generation of cell phone users is called, I can’t seem to keep up with that, but I do know they were introduced to that device at a very young age. They have known about instant communications their whole lives.

2018-10-05_16-02-55.pngI know I am an old fart because I actually remember using rotary dial telephones that were attached to the wall via a plastic cord.ย  As a matter of fact, I was once responsible for the engineering of these phones! Back then, the only way to communicate with home after you left was to find a phone that you put a dime in and dial your home number. Yeah, that is where the term “dial” came from ๐Ÿ™‚

Moving into my soothsayer mode, I think there will come a time when it is fashionable to put your cell phone out of sight and out of mind.ย  Initially, there will be a few brave souls who will become oblivious to the constant chatter around them. They will find a better use for the average 5 hours a day that people currently use their phones.ย  These pathfinders will eventually lead many others to treat their communications tool as a “tool” instead of an obsession.ย  When will this happen? I kinda think it is not that far off…

10 thoughts on “Oblivious To The Chatter…

  • We must remember these phones were designed to be addictive. It is working as designed. A change would require amazing self control and discipline. I have never seen any signs of this in the public in my life. 50% of Americans have no retirement savings, obesity is rampant, vapor pens are everywhere, large numbers of us believe the earth is only 6 million or 6 thousand years old. Taking all this into consideration I have no belief the average public will suddenly become cognizant and make a supreme effort to change. Onward through the fog.


    • I was a “designer” of telephones for thirty years and I don’t think I ever heard the word “addictive” all that time. ๐Ÿ™‚ I really don’t think the 50% number has not changed that much in the last 50 years. Americans just don’t think much beyond tomorrow until they absolutely have to. They say that half the people now on social security have it as their only source of income in their senior years.


      • RJ it is the apps and games on cell phones that are addictive and designed to be so. If cell phones were only used for calls there would very little issue. Apps and games are designed just like the slot machines in casinos. Designed to suck you in and keep you there. A large percentage of us have little self control and are easily manipulated.


  • Excuse me everyone – But my question is “what can people talk about on a phone for five hours a day?” They can’t be that interesting if they spend all their time talking on the phone. I see neighbors pulling out of their driveways in the morning and they are on their phones, grocery shopping on their phones – walking in the park on their phones, just who are they talking to and what are they talking about? It baffles me and personally I would find it exhausting. I am also an old fart who likes to garden, read, visit friends, take trips, learn new things but I don’t feel the need to share what I had for breakfast or send photos of myself to everyone – I believe that this constant need to talk on the phone will one day be gone – it really is boring and let’s face it no one really cares plus it can cause a lot of trouble. Sometimes when I am checking out at the grocery store and I ask the clerk a question and she looks at me with a blank “huh” I ask her if she would like me to call her on the phone because maybe that is the only way she can communicate.. okay not nice (but true) it just gets frustrating and these young people have no personalities or “kick” to them – just blank faces…

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    • Actually Mary Ellen very little of those hours are about “talking”. Instead, it is about texting, tweeting and sending stilly pictures to their friends. And of course, checking out what everyone who is doing the same. They say talking is becoming very much a thing of the past. Call me a naive hopeful but I think this is just a fad that will go the way of hot pants and bell bottoms.


  • No..no and Iโ€™m old, but see it as a permanent trend…instant communication, connection, a feeling of belonging to a group, a feeling that you matter to someone. Iโ€™m not saying I think itโ€™s healthy, just that it is how it is and will continue with refinements.
    Emotional and social support is not a fad and in many ways this is exactly what it is…the support.


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