I am still refining my new format for RJsCorner and that will probably be an on-going process for months to come. 🙂 When I first set up the weekly post categories I deemed Thursday as American Heroes but pretty quickly decided that was just too confining for what I intended.  After a couple of days of contemplation, I decided to make Thursday the day I post about the people and things that inspire me.   Being that I obsessively search for just the right phrase, I want to give you my definition of Inspiration.


2018-11-12_10-01-01.pngSo, for this first Thursday Inspiration post, I give you Emmanuel Macron. I admit that I don’t know a lot about him yet but what I do knows makes me think that he is a world leader for the 21st century.  He is young (41) but appears to have wisdom beyond his years.  Maybe that is because he, like me, married a woman considerably older than him. 🙂

His recent interview on CNN’s GPS piqued my interest to learn more.  During that interview, he laid out his 5-year plan for bringing France into a leadership roll in EU and the world. I would highly encourage you to watch that interview. For those who don’t have the time to do that maybe my quick very edited transcript which will give you an idea of why he is inspiring to me.  Click here to see that.

I certainly hope that if and when the US falls out of dominance that EU will be ready to take up that mantle. This gives me hope that just might be the case.  But, I also hope that other young forward thinker like him will rise from the swamp of current American politics.  I am just tired of this country being run by old white men.

Here’s to you Emmanuel, viva la France.

One thought on “Inspiration

  • I like Macron a lot too. Such a decent smart man of character.

    It is so disappointing and heartbreaking that we have this poor excuse for a president in the office. No dignity, no class, no intelligence, no thinking, no statesmanship, no honor and a wife that now appears to be much like him.

    But you know what it also says and this bothers me even more than trump, is that we have a fair amount of citizens that support him, go along with his tackiness, his racism, his bullying and his narcissism and his lies. They eat it up.

    This percentage speaks volumes about our country far more than trump and his White House crew. It also says more about what kind of religious institutions and people we really have here in that they support him so much and think God deemed him to become president.

    Is trump really just a reflection of a sickness that has always been here, but hidden and repressed by more decent people? I fear this may be true.


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