Myths Americans Need to Unlearn #2

2018-11-12_13-01-20.pngWe in America have a pretty inflated belief that we are the best in the world at everything we do. Why else would we stick our noses into so many other countries’ affairs? We have military bases in over 50 countries in the world. How many other countries’ bases are in the US? We think and maybe at one time we actually did have the best technology, the best engineering and the best software talent in the world.  Part of the reason for that is that we recruited talent from the rest of the world. But, as we close our borders that talent will be siphoned off elsewhere.


Source: Eight Myths Americans Need to Unlearn About America

You must admit that at least for the last couple of years we haven’t done much right as a country. Too many of us proudly proclaim that anything our current leader doesn’t like is fake news. Global warming can’t be true because he doesn’t have a gut feeling about it. How far behind are we getting by that ignorance? He said while he was campaigning that he would be the “infrastructure” president but he seems to have lost interest in that topic also.

One of the most egotistical things about us Americans is that so many believe that we can’t learn anything from the rest of the world.  I have long known that as “Not Invented Here“. If we didn’t invent it then it is not worth having. Simply speaking we need to get over this idea, especially now.

As an example, EU countries have much better public healthcare than we do and they do it for less than half our cost per citizen. Too many of us are still battling against any form of a single-payer system when others in the world long ago found it to be the best and most affordable solution.

We need to get off our high-horse with the idea that we excel at everything…

2 thoughts on “Myths Americans Need to Unlearn #2

  1. We are too easily distracted to seriously consider improving our basic issues. Our fear is stoked by right wingers and politicians. We need more military & less foreigners. So we spend trillions on useless wars and military hardware that will only get us into more trouble. We want to spend billions on the next Berlin wall instead of working on a reasonable immigration policy. We hate socialism but almost all the over 65 crowd would be devastated without the socialist Social Security and Medicare. How do we justify guaranteed healthcare to everyone over 65 but not everyone else. If that is not a complete flip of economic logic what is? We musts have free market healthcare. So we have medical expenses twice that of anyone else and lifespans that are less than others and shrinking. Soon all of this irrational fear will be replaced by imminent peril. In a very few years the interest payment on the national debt will exceed Medicare spending. Then it will exceed defense spending. Once the spiral starts it will be all but impossible to stop. We could have done something about this if we had just listened to the 2010 proposal of Simpson Bowles. We have let our fears distract us from our own self generated downfall.


    1. Well said, Fred. But, I still hold out hope that we will come to our senses before the implosion occurs. 🙂

      I don’t know how the debt will be resolved short of just printing money to pay for it? Do we print a $10 trillion bill to hand to China?


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