This I Believe…

Source: John Pavlovitz – Stuff That Need To Be Said

John Pavlovitz continues to inspire me as a blogger, an American, and a Christian. I can’t imagine being as productive a blogger as he is! I often struggle to find the words to adequately express my feeling whereas he seems to do it effortlessly. This post is about his words above.

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Myths Americans Need to Unlearn #2

We in America have a pretty inflated belief that we are the best in the world at everything we do. Why else would we stick our noses into so many other countries’ affairs? We have military bases in over 50 countries in the world. How many other countries’ bases are in the US? We think and maybe at one time we actually did have the best technology, the best engineering and the best software talent in the world.¬† Part of the reason for that is that we recruited talent from the rest of the world. But, as we close our … Continue reading Myths Americans Need to Unlearn #2

The Thing About Socialism..

Socialized medicine seems to be dirty words for many of my RedAmerica friends. To them, it and communism are one and the same thing. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Since there seems to be nothing in this world that isn’t a simple black or white to them, I’m not sure they will ever accept any other definition but that doesn’t stop me from trying to show you how the rest of us should see socialized medicine. The purpose of this post is to tell you a little about other country’s versions of medical care so that you can … Continue reading The Thing About Socialism..

Not Good Enough For Me..

I gotta send you this snippet about the Republican Healthcare plan that no one seems to like, except that 25% of us who ignorantly cling to this president. But the key that hopefully locks this plan away is that the Senate bill has hidden text that exempts them and their staff from having to use the plan they are trying to push down our throats. See this link for a video about that. Not Good Enough For Me I just pray that there are at least a handful of GOP senators who have the welfare of their constituents in their … Continue reading Not Good Enough For Me..

Week 12 Inside The Loony Bin – Healthcare & The Supreme Court

¬†This¬†will be my first “official” report looking at the Washington DC loony bin from a drone level view. Here goes: Healthcare – The GOP continues to try to formulate a health care plan that will abolish Obamacare. They¬†have had 7 years to put this together but like usual in the loony bin, they wait until the last minute. It seems they can’t agree within their own party what it should look like. The RadCons don’t want anything, while others don’t want to cause anyone to lose coverage. I guess they are having a vote sometime today and I’m willing to … Continue reading Week 12 Inside The Loony Bin – Healthcare & The Supreme Court

Is the Greed around Universal Healthcare a form of idolatry???

Jesus warned us not to pledge our allegiance to worldly things but instead to give that honor to God alone. His most often example of idolatry was money. But today there is literally a myriad of things that we have chosen to put up as idols in God’s place. One of these in my mind is the greed around the concept of universal healthcare. Jesus clearly told us to be our brother’s keeper. I can’t think of a more poignant area where where are not following his command to be our brother’s keeper than denying healthcare ¬†to those of meager … Continue reading Is the Greed around Universal Healthcare a form of idolatry???

Being Your Brother’s Keeper – Kennedy Style….

I just wanted to make a quick post in honor of Senator Ted Kennedy.¬† It’s a shame that his life long passionate goal of making healthcare a right instead of a privledge for ALL Americans¬†did not become a reality while he was with us. I know he was an honorable Christian and a good Catholic.¬†¬† Here’s to you Ted I hope your dream becomes a reality soon.¬† I know there are those out there who would like to trash his memory over issues you disagreed with him on. But, this is not the appropriate time and since I won’t approve … Continue reading Being Your Brother’s Keeper – Kennedy Style….

Sanctity of Life??

I am going to take on a hard one here. The big “A”.¬† I have been in a conversation with some Christian friends of mine about the current healthcare reform now being debated in congress and around the country.¬† Some of my friends said the following: “I can’t support this reform as it might allow some to have abortions funded”!¬† I, certainly am also against abortion. It is killing an innocent life and definitely against Jesus’ teachings. But how do Christian who make abortion a litmus test for everything else answer these typical questions by some: ¬†You Christians only believe … Continue reading Sanctity of Life??