The Thing About Facebook

Is it just me or is Facebook getting pretty annoying lately? It puts stuff on my screen that I haven’t asked for and the potential friends it suggests are often downright gross. I am a seventy-two-year-old guy who is WAY past puberty and has NEVER visited an xxx site, but for some reason, they think their suggestions to the right would be good friends for me?

I am a software guy so I understand all this stuff is determined by algorithms, and it is obvious that those algorithms need some serious adjustments. I am really annoyed by these types of things as I know it is really just lazy or underfunded programming and lax system testing.

On a side note, I am going through the same type of annoying problems with my DirecTV viewing. Ever since AT&T bought out the satellite provider and proceeded to redo the user interface it has been nothing but problems. Recorded lists seem to randomly disappear and much has changed for the worse. Most of Facebook’s problems are due to releasing software changes before they are adequately tested and that is the same case here. I just don’t need these types of frustrations in my life now and would drop DirecTV entirely if it weren’t for my wife’s addiction to her Law & Order, and Criminal Minds programs she watches multi-times a day.

Getting back to the original issue, a big part of Facebook’s problem is probably how the unhinged people in the world have found ways to game the system for their own devious advantage. I imagine that the friend suggestions come from people other than the ones in the photographs. Some are just nasty/paranoid people, some are likely Russian trolls sewing discord, and some are just kids who are trying to maximize their “friends” count. Whatever the reason Facebook needs to somehow reign them in or all us decent folks just might leave in droves. 🙂