Mind Your Own Business!


Will Rogers 

It’s been a while since I have posted a quote from Will Rogers who is one of my primary heroes in life. The words above were written almost a hundred years ago and maybe things are different now, but the idea is still a valid one. I know that the world is much more connected now than then. Lindbergh had just made is a solo flight between NYC and Paris, television hadn’t been invented yet, and long distance calls were expensive and not terribly reliable. We were just not as connected as we are now.

It seems when someone coughs in the Middle East now the price of gasoline goes up fifty cents.  In Will’s day when something happened in Europe, it often took days for that news to appear on our doorstep. Whatever happens in the world now we seem to know about it almost instantaneously. 

We are more connected now but we could have avoided many of the wars in my lifetime if we had just minded our own business.   “Minding your own business” is pretty good advice in other areas of life. I kinda think it relates to my pillar #7 of “Live and let live”. There are just too many of us today who think it is our duty to tell other folks how to live their lives.  As far as I see it, if what they do doesn’t affect what I want to do, then I should mind my own business. 

I might shock you, but I am not embarrassed to say that this is one of those areas I agree at least to some degree with Trump. Why are we so entangled in the Middle East? It used to be it was because of the oil. But since we are now almost self-sustaining in that area we don’t need their oil as we once did. Let’s let the folks in that part of the world try to settle their own differences. We don’t need to be involved in everything.

How about you?


  1. Ok so if I see you in need or being mugged or attacked I should just mind my own business and walk on by? Not my problem?
    Sounds good to me. I’m tired of worrying about anybody be me and mine.
    I guess it’s ok to let them stone the adulteress.


    1. Boy, you really took it down to the most basic level there Bob! (ha) I stopped at national borders with my thoughts. I am very much my brother’s keeper type guy as Jesus told us to be. But, do we really need to commit trillions of dollars to make sure one Muslim group doesn’t annihilate another one? Should that be our business? I would really like to hear your answer to that?

      After thinking about it for a while, who are we to think that others need to take our advice on how to fix their problems when one of our citizens can easily get an assault weapon and kill dozens of innocent people including very young children and we can’t seem to figure out how to prevent that? Sadly, it just keeps happening over and over again.


      1. I was thinking that we must(?) always go to the aid of the weak. Now even if I see you being mugged I need to evaluate how to respond and not just rush in and get hurt myself. But sometimes just yelling for the police can scare an attacker away.

        I think as a country we have the same obligation – not to rush to war/violence without evaluating the best way to proceed but also not to just say “none of my business”.

        Should we not have interfered in Ruwanda to at least try and prevent the mass killings?

        My issue with the Will Rodgers statement is that there is no “except when”. The Nazis thought it was “their business” to annex other lands or countries. It was “their business” to exterminate the Jews. I wonder what might have happened if the US had stepped in about 1936 vs saying “that’s a Europe problem”. Might we have prevented WWII?

        Do I think we should spend a trillion dollars to keep one religious group from killing another religious group (Muslim vs Muslim)? Probably not. At least not with some realistic analysis of the possibility of timely success. An analysis that was never even attempted. Nor has any analysis been attempted or discussed on the current “pull out” plan.

        Our presence in the Middle East is way more complex than keeping one Muslim group from killing the other in my opinion. Whether we need the oil or not may not be the issue. It might be an offensive tactic to keep others from accessing it for example.

        The world of today is vastly more complex and interdependent that it was ~100 years ago when Rodgers made this statement. I suggest it is a bit simplistic in today’s world.


        1. Thanks for the explanations Bob. Yeah, times might have been simpler in Will’s day but I still think his words make as much sense today as ever. I guess I just don’t analyze everything as deeply as you apparently do.

          I sure do wish we would solve our own problems before sticking our nose into others. We also have to do something about our mass killings because of our obsession with guns. And then there is our tribalism which makes it easier to make others our “enemies”.


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