This N’ That – Who’s The Liar-In-Chief?

Not Enough Teachers

I saw an interesting article in the New York Times recently that says that students seeking an education in computer science is being stifled by the lack of teachers/professors. I don’t know how much college educators make but I’m sure it is low compared to the likes of Silicon Valley’s six-figure salaries.

Many of today’s college-age students see their future in computer science so the number of people seeking degrees in that academic area has doubled in the last four years. Maybe the teacher shortage is a good thing as it will prevent an overabundance of graduates?

About Lying

I never thought I would see the day when our president would be known primarily as the Liar-in-chief, but the graph above proves that to be the case. I realize it only covers his first 10 months in office so it’s a little dated. I saw a more recent count that was 6,420 lies in 649 days in office. He lied more in his first month than Obama did in eight years! Why aren’t the MAGA folks upset about that is beyond my ability to imagine! But, then again, everything about the MAGA folks, except maybe for their willful ignorance, is beyond my understanding.

Keeping Up Hope

I suffer from depression more in the winter months than any other season of the year, and this season seems worse than some others. Sometimes I wonder why I am even putting in the effort to maintain two blogs that mainly deal with the problems of our times; one is about things religious and the other about political issues and overall life experiences.

Sometimes it’s necessary to step back and see what my heroes in life have to say about the times we live in. Gandhi’s words above help me to realize that humanity is more than the dirty people who are the most vocal.


  1. I share your anguish about the state of the world. I seem to gravitate to thinking and talking about politics and how bad it’s become with trump, religion and how destructive I believe the religious right is, and what fools we are to probably destroy our own environment for all the future generations. It can be overwhelming at times.

    I do enjoy other things in life and have a good life, but all this seems so important this time around…at this time in history, as it is pivotal in how we end up as a nation in relation to the rest of the world.

    I follow many blogs including yours and it can be my saving grace in being able to see many people are good, conscientious and caring and think like me. I live around conservative people who don’t.

    Gandhi was one of a kind. There are a few more.. I’m going to send you a link to another wonderful man, Mr. Rodgers, that was on a blog I follow, you will like.


  2. We are lacking teachers as the profession suffers from low salaries at virtually every level. (Yes you will see higher salaries if you google it but a lot of colleges and universities use adjunct and non-tenure track professors/teachers which have much lower salaries vs the private sector). Especially at the Community or junior college level. I”m not sure what “computer science” in this context means as well. That is a pretty nebulous term without specifics. Computer science is not “IT” but more of an engineering degree vs a technical degree.


    • Hi Bob, yeah teachers are pretty underpaid when you look at annual salaries but since they only work about six months a year it averages out I guess. I just wish we could get away from the archaic practice of schools having 3 months off at a time and only 6 hours a day of school sessions when they are there. I know that is not teachers fault but I can imagine the uproar if, or maybe when. it is eventually extended. All that being said I do believe that teaching is one of the noblest professions.

      When I went to college there was only computer science as an option. I’m sure now that has been broken down into scores of different curriculums. I finished off my career with 12 years of IT, app development, and Internet design activities. I guess that incorporates at least three degrees now in college.


  3. I know you didn’t mean to “go there”, but you should probably be informed on current practices (180 / seven hour contact days + 10 work days)and salaries (beginning around $35,000) of teachers . Teacher will soon be paid about the same as you local 7/11 clerk.

    The reason they cannot find professors? The knowledge is too fluid. A friend, hired out of high school, was attempting to get a degree. The professor taught the class and my friend got a C. The professor turned around and asked my friend to quit his job and start a company with him. The professor was thrilled with my friend’s knowledge in his field. What the professor taught was ancient history ( and will soon disappear as another AI function). My friend currently makes an easy six figures at age 30. The professor makes $55,000 at age 45. Who will be employed in ten years?


    • Jan, thanks for your very thought out response. Since my reply will be somewhat lengthy I decided that our conversation deserves a post of its own. Look for that sometime next week or so.


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