Is This The First Major Step?

Some of my more conspiracy-minded blogger friends say that the emergency declaration on the border is the first major step in dismantling our constitution. When a president with the flick of a pen can annihilate the principle of checks and balances, a fascist government will soon be on the way especially when there is no serious rebuke from the representatives who are losing power. When the Supreme Court can, due to weird circumstances, be packed with radical-right jurists, the third leg of government is also castrated. Is this a “perfect storm” that is happening now similar to what happened in Germany in 1933?

Can the people, without the support of spineless representatives take back our country? We just might be finding out the answer to that question in the coming months. I know we are just waiting for the dramatic music to play, as it does in the Armageddon movies we watch, to tell us it is really happening. But let me clue you in on something, that never happens except in the movies.

Democracy depends on norms, some written into the Constitution, others implicit in it.

Donald Trump regularly disparages or repudiates at least ten of these norms:

(1) an independent judiciary;

(2) the freedom of the press;

(3) the presence and function of independent actors within government;

(4) the peaceful resolution of political disputes rather than the encouragement of violence;

(5) the acknowledgment of the legitimacy of election results and recognition of the sanctity of the right to vote;

(6) to never threaten legal prosecution against political opponents;

(7) the condemnation of brutal foreign dictators;

(8) a respect for transparency within government;

(9) a sharp separation between the private and public interests of governmental officials;

(10) at least a minimal commitment to the truth.

These norms are essential to American democracy, yet Trump routinely violates them.


Tipping points most often happen without hardly a notice up front. Just ask the Germans whether they saw it coming. Will the destruction of our constitutional government cause a collapse or our country and maybe even the world? That is the question that needs to be asked, especially by those representatives who cowardly sit back and wait for someone else to do something about it.

Source; Holocaust Museum

I hope in the coming months and years I can look back on these words as one of those “the sky is falling” posts. I dream that I can look back and see that action was taken to prevent it from happening. But if history is any clue that’s not likely to happen. Tipping points, like the one we are about or have already crossed with global warming, usually happen silently with hardly a whimper from those whose lives are about to be destroyed.