The Twilight Of Democracy?

Is democracy going to be that short 250 year period in earth’s history when we thought people could rule themselves? Given what has been happening the last decade or so, it seems we might not not up to the task. In the beginning of our American democracy Thomas Jefferson said:

Are we up to that task today? It seems not. We in the US allowed a completely incompetent con-man to snake his way into the Oval Office. Anyone who cared to do even a minimal amount of study would have found that he was totally unprepared for the job. He is there primarily because of a non-informed electorate.

For the most part the world has been ruled by the elite few, for almost all of its history. If you don’t believe me just look at all the kingdoms and dictatorships that have come and gone throughout our history. Even the eras of history are named after the prominent rulers of that age.

Utopian societies have come and gone throughout American history. Everyone thinks they can form the perfect government by going off into the wilderness and fashioning their own society. I have been studying these types of communities for quite a while now and one thing most have in common is that they don’t last more than a decade or so before they are abandoned. Why that was so is primarily because factions developed in the community and they started fighting with each other. Everyone seems to think that their view of the world is the only one can can result in utopia.

It seems that one democracy after another is in trouble now. The US has an inept president. Canada is struggling because its prime minister seemingly did a favor for a private company. Britain is on the verge of a crisis, trying to divest itself from the rest of Europe. France is crumbling due to the citizenry failing to embrace long term planning.

The world’s democracies are in trouble. Will the coming decades mark their end?

One thought on “The Twilight Of Democracy?

  1. I don’t think the founding fathers intended for all of the people to have a vote. The intention was for only the educated land owners to vote. The regular working class was considered too ignorant and easily compromised to have a vote. I never thought they had a point until recently. The problem with uninformed voters and my changing view on voters is both lead to a very negative possible outcome. If a significant national emergency occurs we could easily slide toward an authoritarian leader. The other side of the coin is if the Republicans can continue to control who can vote & keep the voting districts rigged the progressives might just support their own form of authoritarian leader. I fear the era of compromise is over. We appear to be in a time where one point of view will have to crush the other to move forward. Compromise typically yields the best results. I fear a total victory for either side will not lead to a happy future.
    We do have one hope though. The founders made it very cumbersome for anything to happen in government quickly. As long as we don’t throw out the constitution we will probably flounder through this period for a very long time without completely destroying the country.

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