Techie Saturday – About Feedly

This Saturday, I want to clue you in on one of the most essential tools I have in following my favorite blogs. That tool is Feedly. Here is how they describe themselves.

Feedly (click name to see the sign-up screen) tracks blogs that offer content via Real Simple Syndication (RSS). It delivers that content to your computer, tablet or phone, where you can see the updates and decide what you want to read.

All I have to do every morning is to open Feedly in my browser and all the unread blog posts from my twenty or so favorite sites show up. It gives me the list and a snapshot of what the post is about. When you find a new blog you want to add to the list it is simple to add it. See the image below:

I would highly recommend that you sign up with Feedly, its free and easy to do. When you do be sure to add to the list.