Sunday March 17 – Snippets

Thinking They Are Above The Law…BUT

It is interesting to see two different stories of wealthy people thinking that their money makes them above the law but then to discover it doesn’t. Paul Mannafort was sentenced to 7.5 years in federal prison for dozens of instances where he flaunted the law in several different areas included evading millions of dollars of taxes. But his sentence seemed pretty low to me. I still remember where a guy in my very red county was given six years for stealing a roll of wire from an electrical power yard!

I wonder if the guy in the Oval Office will ever learn that he is not above the law either. Maybe that time will come on January 21, 2021?

The other instance was where wealthy parents hired brokers to get their kids into ivy league colleges. They faked credentials and had other people take SAT exams for them. They found that they their money does not make them above the law. One of those people was an actress in one of my favorite shows. I, like many others I imagine, have trouble separating the actor from their roles.

Leave Us With Our Memories

This snippet is a personal one, but it is kinda related to the above one. I have fond memories of the some of the TV shows I watched in the 1970s. One in particular was Mary Tyler Moore. The young Mary Richards battling against a male dominated world. She was a few years older than me, but I secretly dreamed that she would be my future wife. It ended up that my real wife would be even older than Mary! Go figure…

Getting to the point of this snippet, I wish I could just freeze those times in my mind. Unfortunately, that is not possible. I frequently see pictures of Mary, now in her 80s and my bubble is burst. What happened to that young girl! The same thing that happened to me, I guess! In my mind I will always be in my 30s but my body often reminds me otherwise.

In that same light, I don’t like looking at people in their coffins as that is the memory that wipes out all the pleasant ones. But maybe that is just me.

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