Starting Your Car With A Buggy Whip.

This post is going to be about those seniors among us who proclaim to be “proudly ignorant” of today’s technology. My wife and her brother are in that class. They proudly proclaim that they want as little as possible to do with all these new fangled inventions of late. They are not quite old enough to go back before the invention of the automobile, but if they were I bet they would still be trying to start their cars with a buggy whip. It worked for that single horse power buggy so why can’t it work for one powered by two-hundred horses?

Any time I try to talk to my wife about technology, it is as if her eyes glaze over on the first sentence. She does use her computer, mainly to play her card and board games and keep some recipes but that is about it. She constantly complains about how the computer is doing things differently now. When I try to tell her a computer can only do what the programmer put into it, she is just not convinced. She thinks her computer is out to get her in one regard or another.

She and her brother still have the old flip style cell phones. They don’t have any phone numbers in its address book, but instead still carry their little books with the numbers scratched in. Don’t even ask them to set up voice mail for callers to send them messages. That simply won’t happen.

When I tell my wife that within the next decade, TV as she knows it will likely not exist, she gets very upset. “Why can’t they leave my stuff alone!” I tell her with the new streaming video coming from the Internet it will not be necessary to set up the DVR to record programs as they will all be available with just a few button clicks anytime she wants them but she is still not convinced.

If I really want to get her angry, and I do once in a while just to jerk her chain, I tell her I, like millions of other households, am going to cancel our $200/month satellite account and replace it with $20/month Rogu and Netflix connections she simply gets livid.

I guess I should not be surprised that she is so anti-technology as she resists change in all other aspect of her life. She is convinced that if everything stayed exactly the same she would have a more contented life. All she needs is her buggy whip… Go Figure….