More About Starlink

A hundred years ago most people who lived in rural communities did not have either electricity or telephones. Today the same is true for reliable Internet connections. Fast Internet requires fiber-optic connections. Most living in the hinterland are like me are still relegated to that 50-year-old copper cable coming down our road sometimes bowing only a couple of feet above the ground. If you are … Continue reading More About Starlink

Starting Your Car With A Buggy Whip.

This post is going to be about those seniors among us who proclaim to be “proudly ignorant” of today’s technology. My wife and her brother are in that class. They proudly proclaim that they want as little as possible to do with all these new fangled inventions of late. They are not quite old enough to go back before the invention of the automobile, but … Continue reading Starting Your Car With A Buggy Whip.

The Truth And The Untruth Lay On The Same Level.

The title of this post comes from something I recently heard on GPS with Fareed Zakaria. The topic was how the Internet puts things out there with no clear distinction between truth and untruth. If you have the wisdom to discern the difference then the info you gain from instant communications is invaluable to you. If you don’t then it is difficult to decide just … Continue reading The Truth And The Untruth Lay On The Same Level.