Techie Saturday – Printers

This Idiot’s guide to Technology post is about printers. In some cases, the old “You Get What You Pay For” just isn’t true anymore. Sometimes you get more than you paid for, and printers are generally in that case. The reason why is that the manufacturers make it back three times over in the cartridges that contain the ink, so they sell you the printer at or below their costs.

Expensive print cartridges every month or two gets them more than enough profit. But that fact does allow you a couple of advantages and one pretty serious disadvantage. You will probably find cartridges for new printers last longer than the one you already own. When you do it is rather easy to just buy the newer printer. But that produces the main disadvantage which is the old printer ends up as more plastic in the local dump or in the ocean!

I want to let you in on a little secret here. The printer manufacturer wants you to believe that if you want a quality printout you MUST use their cartridges. If you don’t your printer will probably breakdown faster. Don’t believe they hype.

I have been using ink cartridges from other sellers in my HP printer for years now with no difference from using the manufacturer’s ones. I have an HP3700 series printer that I would highly recommend. HP brand cartridges cost about $62/set and last for 300+ pages. I buy Valuetoner Remanufactured Ink Cartridges Replacement for about $35/set.

I will admit that some remanufacturers of cartridges are indeed junk. If you order them from Amazon you need to make sure they are 4 stars or above.