Sunday Snippets – March 24, 2019

Oh No!! – Not Beto

I see where a one-term Texas Congressman has declared he wants to be president! Is this what our presidency has come down to? Yeah, he like Trump, has made a big flash in the pan so to speak. I have heard that he is a bigger narcissist than Trump! He does outrageous things like riding a skateboard and jumping on any lunch counter he can find. He could at least take off his shoes before he jumps on the counter so the waitress probably making minimum wage doesn’t have to spend hours cleaning up the scuff marks and dirt he dragged up there.

He has a lot of charisma, whatever that is, but seemingly not much else. If this is now the norm then we don’t stand a chance of surviving many more years as a nation!

ChristChurch Massacre

Sadly, hateful white supremacists are not limited to the USA anymore. The radical right who went into a couple of mosques in New Zealand and killed 50 people let it be known that the current Oval Office occupant was an inspiration to him because he brought the gunman’s cause to the forefront.

But at least the New Zealand legislature, unlike our own, is doing something to prevent future disasters. They have already passed a law making automatic and semi-automatic guns illegal.

Too Much Macho In Texas

Just another day at the golf course… sucking in benzene

I see where Texas has just had another major industrial accident. They lead the nation by a long way in that category. They pride themselves on having low to non-existent regulations and of course that is the primary reason they are number one in industrial accidents. I don’t understand the pride they take in that arena? I guess it has to do with their Marion Morrison strutting/macho attitude about things in general. Texas also leads by a wide margin as the State with the highest industrial fatalities. That kinda makes sense.