About Amazon And Those Chinese Companies

I have made it pretty clear here that I am an Amazon Prime member and have been for more years than I can remember. I was smart enough to add some Amazon stock to my IRA about ten years ago, but I was not smart enough to buy much more. My stock has gone up about 400% so far!

I know the argument about buying from local retailers, but since Walmart has already eaten up most of them before Amazon was even a dream, that ship has sailed. If I want anything that Walmart doesn’t sell I must make an hour round-trip to the next town of any size. Besides wasting my time it costs about $10 in gas and wear and tear of my vehicle. But that is not what this post is really about.

I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, but one thing I have learned is to pay attention to where it is coming from. Not all items are delivered in 2 days or less to us Prime Members. A lot of what Amazon sells is made and shipped directly from Chinese companies. When you buy those items it generally takes two weeks or so to get them. That is almost the same delivery schedule as most of Amazon’s competitors! 🙂

I am spoiled now. I am just too used to ordering something Sunday night and having it delivered Tuesday afternoon. I don’t have the patience to wait two weeks anymore.

2 thoughts on “About Amazon And Those Chinese Companies

  1. It must be age, I love Amazon Prime and use it a lot – just so convenient. Then I buy used books from Thrifty Books.com, and occasionally I’ll pick up a great deal from QVC – and I also order from Walmart and others. How wonderful – I HATE shopping and am at an age where I don’t need a lot – I still go grocery shopping – not ready to trust someone to pick out our produce or meat – but other people say it’s great. Who knows – maybe one day we won’t have to go shopping at all. Our malls cater to teenagers and major stores close everyday. Have not had any really terrible shopping experiences on line. Take care – love your blog. I quit watching the news (well at least down 90%) and feel so much better – the news today could kill us seniors. Have a great weekend – later Mary Ellen


    1. Thanks for the thoughts, Mary Ellen. I too have greatly shortened my news watching. It just isn’t worth it on a day-by-day basis. I say i now take a drone view of things, and I, like you, feel better. Going forward RJsCorner will be less political and more intellectual.

      Yeah, we are on the backside of life so what happens now doesn’t affect us as it does those much younger. I will leave it up to them to make sure things are done to correct our current problems. I never thought I would detest a sitting president, but I can’t help it with this one.


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