I ❤️ Tools

There is just something about tools that fascinates me. I’m talking about all kinds of tools, wrench and screwdrivers, power tools, electronic tools like iPads and cell phones and yes, even apps. Anything to help me do a job better. I am a firm advocate of “The right tool for the job”. That sometimes drives my wife crazy. “You need another tool! You have a whol barn full of tools, just use one of them.”

I think more fundementally, I love learning how to use tools in the most efficient way. I probably spend a couple of hours a day learning new ways to do things better and have more fun. I realize there are some of you who don’t share my point of view on this topic.

You would rather continue using the “old ways” because they have worked for you in the past. “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” mantra applies to you. You only grudgingly progress on to new tools only when you are forced into it. I guess with the “Live and let live” pillar of life, I should not be trying to convince you to change your ways. I should not be trying to tell you that you are stuck in the past. But you are as far as I am concerned.

I love fixing things so my love of tools probably comes directly from that. That is probably also why I ended up with an engineering education and occupation.

Sometimes my love of fixing things gets me in trouble. When my wife complains about something I always think she is looking for a solution, she just needs to know the best way to fix her problem. It seems I am often wrong about that. She just wants me to listen to her, not provide a solution. I wish I had a tool to fix that misunderstanding problem?