March 31 – Sunday Snippets

I know you are expecting something about the Mueller Report here but I am staying away from that until the dust settles some more. I don’t personally need to jump in on all the speculation. I’ll let other wallow in the mud for a while to see what sticks.

But, it really won’t change my opinion of the guy in the Oval Office that much either way. It’s just a matter whether we add “treasonous” to his label or not.

“Biggest Liar, Most Self-Centered, Most Spiteful, Most Ignorant, Most Untrustworthy, Uber Narcissist, Sexual Abuser president in the history of our country”

If you care to add a few more descripitons let me know?

The Thing That Scares Me the Most…

I don’t yet know what is in the Mueller Report, as the only info around right now is from one of his avowed loyalists. But what scares me the most is that Trump has taken it to mean he has a green light for all his authoritarian plans for our country. He is now convinced that he can do whatever he wants. Health care is his obvious first target. If he accomplishes taking away healthcare to so many of us, what is next?

He also seems to think he has a green light to go after all of his enemies, even those dead and buried. That is what scares me…

It’s Never Too Late

Let’s finish up these snippets on a much higher note. I wonder how many Baby Boomers out there think that it is too late for them to fulfill their dreams. Yes, our procrastination when it comes to our dreams is tragic. But you would be surprised just how many dreams can yet be accomplished if you just put your mind to them. Don’t let the idea of fleeting time rob you of the opportunity.

I Need More Feeds

For my Sunday Snippets I try to find at least one positive thing to report. I am having trouble with finding them lately. Maybe it is just the mood I am in, but if anyone can suggest some “positive” news sources out there I would love to hear from you.