One Small Thought…

Sometimes I get into dry spells here at RJsCorner where I just can’t think of something for my daily posts. When that occurs I usually pull up a quote that strikes me from my list at That is the case for today’s post.

I am certainly one to embrace change and loathe boredom, but having said that I do enjoy my morning routine. Part of that routine is to say a little prayer in the morning shower. I find that it just gets my day off to the right start. Here is the prayer:

Lord, thank you for yesterday and please give me another good day today.

I’m not a Catholic, but I once was, so I don’t always say those exact words but the meaning is always the same. It is a twofold prayer, if I must say. The first, most obvious part is to appreciate every day that comes and to try and make something special happen in that day. The second part is at this time in my life I really don’t know that I will see a tomorrow, so I petition the Lord with that request also.

[going off track here] Thinking about Catholics, I always wondered why they have to say the exact same prayers over and over again. I started this life as a Catholic for my first 20 years, then later spent about the same amount of time as a Lutheran Protestant, and am finishing up as “spiritual but not religious” category. I kind of like that non-Catholic have to wing it more when they pray. Not as many pre-subscribed words for them to parrot.

Getting back to my original thoughts to close here, I do the vast majority of my post writing in the first few hours of each day. When noon comes along it is most often time for more physical type activities. I do like to embrace change but I guess I also like my daily routines too.

2 thoughts on “One Small Thought…

  1. The only thing I can relate the Catholic prayers to is song. Every Catholic prayer is based (pretty strictly) on lines and phrases in Scripture. Just as people sing songs (hymns) that mean something to them over and over, Catholics repeat important parts of scripture over and over. Almost every word of Mass is scriptural (which is why they made some changes- as they get better interpretations of scripture). The ritual draws me in–the movement, the candles, the smells, the warmth of conversation. Like a well placed dinner party. The conversation is predictable at the beginning- comforting- opening you up for something deeper as you relax and enjoy your company.
    The Rosary is like a mantra. It is meant to place the person into a state of meditation. It is like a warm cover to transcend normal thought.
    That does not discount our regular private prayer. We are encouraged to pray to God just like any other person.
    If you read some Nouwen or Merton, you can see how the tools can be used to open up deep conversation with God. The cool thing I learned about the Catholic Church is that very few things are actually required- they are set in front of you to choose what brings your heart and soul closer to God. The one thing required is Mass (really Eucharist). Just like a song that brings back memories, the Mass is there to help you pray when you cannot find the words, remind you that God is always present, and move you on to the place you belong.
    I wish that there was a good Greek Orthodox or Tridentine Catholic Mass near you. The candles, the fragrances, the movement- the words just come to me in my head when I attend these.


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Janette. First of all, let me tell you that I agree with almost everything you said. I know that is surprising, but it is true. 🙂

      As I mentioned before, I spent my first 20 years as a Catholic and yes, the statues, incense,candles, and such are very impressive. I was an altar boy and had to learn all the latin responses and even that added an aura.

      I don’t know if you have ever visited one of my other blogs as but I am currently doing a series of posts on Pope Francis. I love what he stands for and is doing, but I am also aware that he has a lot of Catholics upset by his actions. If I were to go back to being religious I suspect that it would either be Quaker or Catholic. If you care to provide some thoughts on those posts, I would certainly welcome them.


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