Seeking a Joyous Journey – “Seeking”

For this joyous journey post I am going to tell you another secret. I know I might be getting myself in trouble here giving you all my secrets too early and not have more to share later. But personally I don’t think that will ever happen. 🙂

I suspect that at least 95% of you are totally unaware of the tweaking I have been doing to the “Joyous Journey” project. I think I finally have the title in the header above where I want it. The word that I was seeking all long was in fact the word “Seeking”. That perfectly caps off my way I am approaching the subject of having a joyous journey during these retirement years.

Forgive me but I want to go off on a little tangent here to make my point. There are some brands of Christianity, maybe more that I fully realize that believe that Christianity is a very passive religion. I know, I was in one of them for more years than I want to realize. Their version of Christianity goes something like this: All you have to do is proclaim the right words and your getting to heaven is guaranteed. Just say the words which start off with “I believe…” and then go on with your life as you please. Then when you die you are automatically ushered to heaven.

I can’t tell you how wrong I think that practice is. Christianity is very much a active thing. You must take to heart the words of Jesus, and then spend every day of the rest or your life trying to put them into daily practice. Some days you might just succeed and other you might fail miserably, but you MUST keep trying.

Finally, getting back to the point of this post, having a joyous journey through life, especially in our senior years, means you are constantly seeking what gives you joy and discarding what doesn’t. You will never have a joyous journey any time in your life if you just sit back and wait for it to come to you. Doing nothing is an absolute guarantee that your joyous life will never happen. You will also never have a joyous journey if you make that goal all about you.

I can certainly attest that most of my joyous time in my senior years occured while I was serving others and I mean that quite literally. I spent eleven years of my retirement life volunteering at a local soup kitchen preparing and serving meals to those less fortunate than me. The friends I made there gave me a very joyous life.

You can’t just sit back and wait for a joyous life, you must continually seek it out.

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