It’s All About the Neighborhood.

I don’t know why I have these times when so much flashes across my brain? The thoughts come and go quickly unless I write them down. Getting down to it, I think one of the primary reasons the world is in such a turmoil has to do with neighborhoods.

For us in the U.S. it is about being bogged down in the Middle East. We have made enemies in pretty much every country in that region for one reason or another. Let’s face it, our nation building of the 21st century is an abject failure. When will we ever learn.

Let’s stick to our neighborhood instead of traipsing to the other side of the world to find “things to fix”.

Yeah, I know oil was the primary reason we got so engulfed, pun intended, in that area of the world. But for the most part our critical dependence on their oil is, or will soon be, a thing of the past. Thankfully, we are finding other means for energy we need as a nation.

By sticking to our neighborhood I mean let’s at least stay in this hemisphere. If we had learned this lesson by now, I’m pretty sure our supposed immigration problem would be non-existent. As is the case for the rest of the world immigration is primarily caused by citizens of of neighboring countries trying to escape the tyranny of a takeover government. Let’s worry about Venezuela and forget about Iraq.

Looking at an even higher level view of this stuff, The United Nations was a great idea when it was being conceived almost a hundred years ago now. It was meant as a non-military way to deal with rogue nations and the popup dictators that caused people to flee the country of their birth. One of the major problems with the UN is that there is just too much cultural differences from one region of the world to another. The predominantly Muslim countries see things very fundamentally different than western democracies.

Forward progress in the UN would be to break it up. Let’s have an Eastern Hemisphere UN and a Western Hemisphere UN and maybe even an Asia UN. Each would have a better chance of influencing matters that now cause us to go to war with each other.

I know, I know, there are alot of associated problems with even this solution. But, I just think they would be more manageable if we stuck to our own neighborhood.


  1. RJ,
    There is so much in this post. I cannot resist pointing out this would be exactly the point of view of our beloved leader.
    I frequently trend toward isolationism but history shows it will not work out. Nature abhors a vacuum. If we pull out of the rest of the world Russia and China will fill the void. We got pulled into WWI and WWII. Do we really think if Europe goes down the tubes we won’t be in the fray before too long. With the vast influence of the Israeli lobby it is inconceivable that we will not be in the mix if the middle east blows up.
    I believe Gen. Mattis recently said if the State Dept. was not fully funded he would need to buy more ammunition. Diplomacy is cheaper than war.
    We should also never forget there is a lot of money to be made from killing people. As long as we don’t personally know those that die and it is not in our backyard I don’t think you will see too many complaints from the majority of our citizens. Eisenhower had it right.
    While I do not enjoy being the world’s policeman some level of involvement is unavoidable, as long as we are the biggest dog on the block.


    1. Oh, Fred, you put words in my mouth that were not there, but saying I am like Trump is the ultimate insult. 🙂

      No, I don’t think we should withdraw from the world. If I thought that I could see some of your points. I just think that we should not be the “decider” on how to fix everything that is wrong with humanity. That is the core message of this post. Different parts of the world think very differently and we should not immediately run in and impose our solutions on them. Let’s let the people who should better understand the situation be more involved in the solution than we are. Let the Middle East countries tackle the Middle East problems first,, ie. have regional deciders rather than everything coming from us.

      What would you say if Russia, or maybe Saudi Arabis, suddenly announced that they are going to decide how the Mexican immigration problems are solved. I suspect you would be screaming. “What do they know about our regional problems!! Get the hell our of our part of the world!!”

      Simply stated it is not mandatory that we be the first responders to every world crisis just because we have amassed the GIANT share of military weapons in the world today.


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