Seeking A Joyous Journey – Rule #1

Before we get too far in our study in seeking a joyous journey in our lives I think it is critical that we define the primary rule for this task.

You Alone Define What What Makes Your Joyous Journey.

Speaking as bluntly as possible, don’t look for someone else do that task for you. Even though there are billions of us occupying this planet, all of us are unique individuals. While seeking the wisdom of others is an important step in this process, it is up to you to find your own path. No one else can do that for you. What gives one person joy might just be another’s stifling life. Copying someone else’s joyful journey might be easy but it is not really fulfilling.

For some of us having a joyous life is centered around getting married and having kids. For others, it is about dedicating our lives to a particular calling. For some it is about making money, and for others it is about making a difference in this world. Joyful Journeys are in the eyes of the beholder and that is as it should and must be.

Deciding what makes a joyous journey is often not a one-time thing. Let me emphasize again, there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness is a shortlived whereas joy is a way of living. Joy is what gets you jumping out of bed to face each day. Major stages of life such as our education years, our employment years, and our retirement years often mean shifting gears to find a new path on your joyous journey.

The sooner you define what your joyous journey is about the sooner you will find true happiness in life. Unfortunately, most of us don’t do the work early enough in life, me included. We just “go with the flow” so to speak and rationalize that we can find joy later. In some ways I never seriously thought about what would make my life joyous until I was in the retirement years. Now don’t get me wrong, it is never too late to find your personal vision for a joyous journey, it’s just that when we put it off we are losing opportunities to fully live our lives.

In closing, you need to do the work in discovering who you are or maybe who you want to be. As long as it is not illegal or what might inhibit others from accomplishing their joyous journey, everything is no the table. If you decide you want to be a lifelong couch potato that is your right, although I would strongly advise on a more enthusiastic path. 🙂

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