Having my Say about Taking Control…

I just returned from my latest uRV trip recently and the idea for this post came to me as I was traveling down a two-lane State road. I was going the speed limit, as I usually do in my truck when suddenly seemingly out of nowhere a young girl passed me going at least 30 miles per hour faster than I was.

I don’t want to sound like an old person here, but I can vividly remember when the laws of the land were more enforced than they are today. When it come to the roads, and many other circumstances, it seems we are again in the “Wild West” where there are no rules anymore? Considering the guy currently occupying the Oval Office, I guess that is to be expected. He thinks there are no rules for him so why should apply to us.

Another of those uncontrolled times are most comments found on daily websites. I’m sure that if the person’s name and email address were attached to those nasty and spiteful comments they would be very different in their basic nature. Animosity just seems to bring out the worst in us. We think that we are not accountable for our words when we attach them to news articles so why not scream some. It is as good as a primal scream, maybe even better.

Too many of us think that we don’t even have to be accountable for our personal actions. We can always blame someone else for our bad decisions. “It was my mother’s fault!” Substitute any other person you want to this quote. Everyone is to blame but me.

So, how can we take control of these and many other similar things?

.One thought, that is TOTALLY wrong, is intimidation. If you disagree with someone or some news article, attacks on the person’s character only makes the matter worse. After two and a half years of this tactic we should ALL know this fact now.

One of the primary things is to once again put some trust in our government representatives to do OUR business in addressing the matter of our out-of-control world. Too many of us have simply given up on anything that is attached to the word government. We wrongly think all of them are corrupt and unsalvageable.

I know taking control is not an easy task to accomplish, but a good starting point is to stay engaged in the process. Don’t allow a fringe minority group to dictate who our representatives in government should be. Take the time to study the issues and the candidates in order to make wise decisions and then get out and vote. After all, voting is our most fundamental responsibility in a democracy.

Accomplishing this mighty task of taking control might also mean some fundamental changes in our constitution and laws of the land to address 21st century issues. Of course that will not happen until we get some intelligent and emphatic people in those positions.

The above is a good starting point but just being a good neighbor and following the golden rules might even accomplish more…

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