Cars, Cars, and More Cars…

No I am not talking about the Los Angeles freeway, I am talking about the GoodGuys Car show in Des Moines Iowa I recently attended. I think you know by now that I am a car guy. The shelves of the study are lined with 1/32 scale models of them. When I’m too lazy to do anything else I am usually watching a car show on the Motor Trend channel. I am a car guy.

I have been to numerous local area car shows but never to one at the national level. So, in planning this years uRV trips last winter the Des Moines show was added to the list.

A quick summary here, to ease the pain of all you non-car folks, it was almost overwhelming. They say there were 7,000 cars on display there the Saturday I attended. I walked 7 miles that day and still didn’t see half of them! I think in the future I will just stick to the local events of a couple hundred cars at a time.

Here is a sampling of what I saw. As you can probably tell I am particularly attuned to rat rods. 🙂

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