Where Ignorance Triumphs…

I don’t want to live in a world where ignorance triumphs.
If that is so then the bad guys must have won.
If we can’t face down ignorance we are lost.
Maybe we deserve whatever comes.

The opposite of ignorance is knowledge.
Knowledge comes from diligent review of the facts.
That is hard work but if we want to prosper we must do it.
We must always seek out knowledge and wisdom.

It’s easy to be ignorant, very little effort required.
Just latch onto some narcissistic fascist and forget everything else.
Don’t worry about the lies, if you even realize that is what you hear.
Just believe what you are told, don’t ask questions.

What is the purpose of life if you have no principles?
When truth is of no importance what is left?
When we call everyone else the enemy how can we survive?
I don’t want to live in a world where ignorance triumphs.

My depression deepens as every day passes now.
Can I maintain my sanity until ignorance is brought to bay?
How do we even go about making ignorant people understand?
How can we make them realize the consequences of their ignorance?

That is the question for our times…

4 thoughts on “Where Ignorance Triumphs…

    1. I simply don’t know how to go about attacking this problem right now. Maybe in 2020 it will for all purposes just go away or at least back underground where it belongs


  1. Ignorance because of lack of knowledge is one thing. It can be remedied through education. However, willful ignorance, knowing the facts and ignoring them, is another thing altogether.

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    1. You are right Sandra. Ignorance can be eliminated but willful ignorance is called stupidity and that is the lack of mental capacity. I’m not sure which is causing the main problem here.


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