Perpetual Half-Mast

It seems lately that almost every time a see a flag pole the flag is flying at half-mast. The last one here locally was for a police office who was gunned down during a traffic stop. Sadly, as a nation we pull our flag to half-mast almost weekly now.

This weekend saw two domestic terrorist massacres on the same day. Dozens were killed in public spaces just trying to live their daily lives! All one of these homegrown terrorists wanted to do was to kill those people who had invaded his country!

His country? How did we come to decide that white nationalists owned my country of 73 years? Why does he get to decide? Like most of the weekly mass shooting he likely bought his weapon of mass destruction locally from a Texas town. They likely sold him all the bullets he needed to carry out his task. And then there is the guy who decided to kill anyone who was just having a good time on a Saturday night. Surely all of us realize that this could happen in our communities!

Why are we so passive when it comes to fixing this problem. Our country, along with Iraq and Afghanistan are now known as the terrorist capitals of the world. The rest of the developed countries knew what it takes to stop the vast majority of these tragedies, why don’t we have the guts to face up to the NRA and do the same?

Is this who we are now as a nation, as a people? Are we now defined by the crazies who claim this country solely for them and others like them. All the rest need to be eliminated. It will be interesting to see if the El Paso terrorist mentions the “instigator in chief” as one of his reasons for killing those “invading” his country.

We spend millions of dollars each day to prevent one of our soldiers in the Middle East from being killed but it seems that we are unable to lift a finger to prevent the dozens of innocent deaths every week within our shores. What will it take???????

I really don’t want to spend my final years in the insanity that has now invaded our nation. Yeah, I know I should just go back where I came from. The trouble with that is that my clan came here more than a hundred years ago and I have no idea where I should be going back to…

5 thoughts on “Perpetual Half-Mast

  1. So powerful and so on target. With your permission I’d like to provide a direct link on my blog to this post.

    Domestic terrorists have killed more of us than died on 9/11. Are we so immune to the killing of each other that we settle for “thoughts and prayers” if slaughter occurs in our own country but spend 18 years fighting foreign terrorists in other countries?


  2. “Is this who we are now as a nation, as a people?”
    Yes, this is who we are now. We are also the people that allowed a person with zero integrity, ethics, empathy or self control to become president. His base shows zero signs of relenting.
    This is not the fault of one person. We all share the blame.
    At this point only an uprising of the sane voters in 2020 will have any chance of returning us to normalcy. If we can pull this off a single election will not be enough. The voters will have to return at every election to stamp out this mindset.
    Do we have the intestinal fortitude to do this?


    1. Thanks for the thoughts Fred. You and I are 100% aligned on this topic. Less than half the eligible voters voted in 2016 and less than half of those voted for the “Instigator In Chief”. I really hope that all those moderate and further left Millennials use this as a siren call to get active in deciding who are elected officials are. When that happens these right wing ideologues will crawl back into the hole they came from.


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