Being The CHEF Of Your Existence

It’s been an interesting journey trying to stay up on the happening of the Millennial and Centennial Generations. They seem to be learning lessons we Baby Boomer couldn’t make happen. One of those lessons is keeping your hormones corralled. I don’t think that suddenly the teenage years and slightly beyond have changed that much when it comes to hormones. So something else is taking place.

I reported in a recent post that Centennials are not having sex as frequently as my generation did and that has resulted in a very significant drop teenage births. What seems to be bringing this about is that they are looking to the future and seeing that unwanted pregnancies can stifle what they want for themselves down the road.

I’ve gotten kinda creative here and named this phenomenon CHEF (Corralling Hormones for and Enhanced Future.)

It’s wonderful to see how many are now approaching their teen years. Yes, I know about the stories about how social networks are putting pressure on some but I also think it is benefiting many others. Today’s teens just don’t seem to be as drawn toward individual relationships as we boomers were at such a young age. Instead, they are looking to be part of a larger group and most importantly, they are actually doing something to make their future brighter.

All of us, not just the teens, need to always be looking at what it takes to make our individual futures as joyous as possible. That certainly includes us in our senior years. You are never too old to be dreaming of your future, and especially doing something about it.

Here is to you Centennials out that there who are corralling your hormones for a bigger and better future.

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