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Everything’s on all the time. We’re go, go, go. Attention spans are short and our readers have more, really good options than ever before.

The Medium – August Birch

I hear people lamenting far too frequently that no one reads novels anymore. They say serious reading has become non-existent in this age. But, as usual, I disagree. In fact, I expect reading has become more prevalent now than it has been in the last hundred years! I know I read much more now than even a few years ago. The Internet has opened up so many sources of knowledge that I simply don’t have enough time to consume as much as I would like. 🙂

Before I get started on meat of this post I want to call out one of my primary sources of reading material and that is The Medium. The site continually sparks my imagination more than most others in cyberspace. In a recent post at the medium August Birch made the suggestion that authors make their book chapters less than 1500 words! He argues that authors can no longer take chapters to relay a one paragraph long thought. I thoroughly agree with that.

The Internet has opened up a new world for those who take the time to study about it. It is there whenever I want or need it. I no longer have to get in a car and drive to a building full of books and search for perhaps hours to answer any question that pops into my mind. There are now literally millions of stories, commentaries, and opinions that will broaden my horizon literally at my fingertips. But, I do have to parse through the trash and outdated stuff to get to them.

Because of all those resources I, as a blog author, need to make it easier for you my reader to gain the insight of what I have to say. I have been completely in the retirement mode for some time now and even I don’t have enough time to browse everything I want. So, I can imagine that my readers who are still stuck in 40+ hour work week will take more than a minute or two browse RJsCorner before they move on to other things. With that in mind I put a 500 word limit on my posts. Once in while I exceed it but only when necessary. If the idea I want to convey requires more than that I cover in it more than one post.

This year, I have become enamored with poetry. A good poem of a couple hundred words can speak to me more than a 500-page novel. Being able to tell your story in such a concise manner takes a discipline that I want to get better at. Volume does not imply quality, at least not anymore.