What I Want To See…

I want to kick off this “The Next President” category here at RJsCorner with a post about what I want to see in the next president.

Here is my dirty dozen of wants for the Next President:

I) A President for ALL the people, even those who didn’t vote for him.

II) Someone I Trust. – It is as simple as that.

III) A Truth Teller – I want someone who doesn’t blatantly lie on a daily basis just to make himself look good.

IV) A Person With Empathy and Humility – I want someone who can understand and truly feel for others. One who is not totally self absorbed.

V) Skip the Bravado – I don’t want a president who tries to intimidate everyone who disagrees with him. In fact, I detest that type of person wherever they are.

VI) A Person who is driven by and upholds the Constitution – That certainly includes Freedom of the Press, and the Presidential Oath of Office.

VII) A Person Who Puts Country Before Party – In today’s world that seems like a difficult task, but I want a president who moves beyond the hateful rhetoric of today.

VIII) A Person Who Puts Principle Before Party – If it is good for the nation but maybe not for your party, she chooses it anyway.

IX) A Person Who Has Had Personal Challenges – I want someone who has felt the pain that I and others have, and maybe more importantly has learned from them.

X) A Person Who Welcomes our Immigrant Traditions – We are a nation of immigrants, We must always understand that reality and even celebrate it.

XI) I want someone who puts the people’s interest above corporate greed.

XII) I want one who inspires me to do what I can for my country and its future. Everyone for themselves is a very flawed way to run a country, especially a democracy.

I know this is a rather ambition list but I like to think that one of the twenty-two or so who are trying to replace the current Oval Office occupant is up to the task.

What would you include on this list?

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