I don’t like labels but there is a “but” in that statement for me. We need to understand just why the major conflicts arise in our world and then be able to see who is causing them. We can no longer afford a general “Us vs Them” mentality. If that keeps up it will eventually destroy us. Without knowing who “Them” is or what percentage of the population they represent we may just go down in ashes. That is what this post is all about.

A great thing about the Internet now is that almost everyone has a way to voice their views and opinions. I know RJsCorner would not be here if the Internet hadn’t made it possible. I realize my influence on things generally doesn’t count for much but I hope to at least cause those who read my words to think more about the subject of each post. I hope it causes them to ask more questions, to be more informed. Ok, with all this precursory stuff out of the way let’s get on to the title of this post.

From my study of the subject I have come to conclude that the current definiton of “Evangelical” and the MAGA mentality are one and the same. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not putting all Christians into that abhorrent bucket. In some respects, I am still calling myself a Christian and I certainly know that we have a wide range of theology, or for some no particular theology at all beyond abortion.

There are currently over 35,000 different sects of Christianity. Many are those are singular groups who break off to center around their favorite political issue. But even among the much larger denominations there is a widely differing view of what being “Christian” is all about. Some of us, including me, say being a Christian means following the teachings of Jesus Christ. That certainly includes the list borrowed from a recent post from John Pavlovitz. (much more about this list coming soon.)

As I go through this list I can’t find a single item that applies to the “Evangelical” agenda.

It’s hard to determine just who these “Evangelicals” really are. Few of the pollsters who gather data about those who self-proclaim to be Evangelicals bother to dig down to just what they mean when they claim that tag. I would like to hope that they are but a very small part of the true Evangelical community, if they even belong at all! But, until those who used to use that term speak up they are by their inaction sanctioning the kidnapping of their label.

But given that prominent leaders such as Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, and others proudly align with the current Oval Office occupant in anything he cares to say, I can’t help but believe that MAGA and Evangelicals are bound at the hip. No one seems to be coming forward to reject that interpretation.

How many once favorable groups will go down due to the strange allegiance is hard to say right now. But it is obvious that the Republican party and religion in general will take the brunt of this damage. Maybe that is a good thing? It gives others a chance to take their place and maybe eventually get back to their core foundations.

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