My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

First I guess I need to explain who LMPI people are. LMPI stands for Lazy Minded Proudly Ignorant. That is only half the title the other is White Evangelical MAGA Cult. Put them all together my tolerance for these people is dangling by a thread. They seem to be under any rock I go by. I hope this pandemic ends soon before I lose any … Continue reading My Tolerance Of LMPI People Is Quickly Disappearing

What Does It Take To Rattle Lazy Minds?

I don’t know about you, but when I watched the pictures of domestic terrorists invading the US Congress while it was in session I was struck with fear. “Is this the beginning of the end for the “United” States? Will anarchy replace our democracy? I couldn’t believe what I was watching. The only saving grace to yesterday was that all those who threatened to bring … Continue reading What Does It Take To Rattle Lazy Minds?

Not The Smartest Card In The Deck

One of the characteristics that means the most to me is humility. It’s strange that when I looked for images of humility for this post the majority of them were of Jesus. He never claimed to be great and that is what made him so. That thought provoked this post more than anything else. I look at all the twelve presidents in my lifetime and … Continue reading Not The Smartest Card In The Deck

The Value Of A College Education

I want to thank Bob Lowery and his commentors over at Satisfying Retirement for giving me so many ideas for blog posts here at RJsCorner. The viewer discussion is beyond imagination for my little blog here at RJsCorner. This post is one of those topics. Most people seem to look at a college education as to how it applies to a future job. As usual, … Continue reading The Value Of A College Education

Tribal Instincts…

Tribal instincts are still a powerful force in today’s world. There is no better evidence of that than the MAGA/Evangelical clan and others who will mindlessly vote for #CO3, the current Oval Office occupant. This group did not start with him, but he has chiseled them into adoring him above logic/truth/compassion/empathy/. I could go on an on…. Those who blindly pull the same party lever … Continue reading Tribal Instincts…

A “Follower Of Jesus” Apology for MAGA Christians.

I want to use the post as my official apology to the world for Evangelical Christians. I know that won’t mean much but it matters to me to apologize for this ugly group. I am a person who has proudly proclaimed that I am a “Follower of the Teaching of Jesus”, but no longer call myself a Christian. I am inspired by his teachings of … Continue reading A “Follower Of Jesus” Apology for MAGA Christians.

When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

There are so many things that have turned sour these last four years it’s difficult to rank them anymore. But I do think that one of the worst is how #CO3 (current Oval Office occupant) has turned public health into a political issue! The result has been 150,000 and climbing totally unnecessary deaths! I know there are 200,000 deaths now but only 150,000 of them … Continue reading When Public Health Becomes A Political Issue

A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.

I write a lot about MAGA folks (Make America Great Again) in trying to understand why they so enthusiastically support such a defective person. I often write about them as if they were some monolithic mass who rose from the swamps of time. Of course, I know that they are just a hodgepodge of disenchanted groups who all have one thing in common. FEAR!! It … Continue reading A Never-Ending Search Of Understanding MAGA.

Small Town vs Metropolitan…Covid-19

This post continues from yesterday’s post about my recent experiences with shopping in my very small-town grocery versus going 20 miles to a larger metropolitan area. Covid-19 wise the difference is night vs day. I, like most in the world, am now hunkered down at the homestead. I only make a weekly trek to replenish the pantry shelves. I decided early on in the pandemic … Continue reading Small Town vs Metropolitan…Covid-19

It’s Time To Just Outnumber Them…

I have been on my seemingly endless journey to understand the mind of the MAGA cult and I have come to the conclusion that they are by no means a homogeneous group. I have decided that it is useless to try to win them over with compassion, logic, or any other means. That is what this post is about.

Continue reading “It’s Time To Just Outnumber Them…”

MAGA And The Exvanglicals

Not all people who once proudly claimed to be Evangelicals are now MAGA cult members. It was refreshing to see that some have escaped and now label themselves Exvangelicals. I guess I could also wear that label as I was once an Evangelical myself. That is what this post is all about.

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Then N’ Now – Diversity

Welcome to my World of 2020

This is yet another post in my “Then N’ Now” series. It is about how I saw the world in the 1940s to the 1960s and how I see it now.

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The Shunning… And Other New Years Resolutions

For the most part I greatly admire the Amish tradition, that is except for their practice of shunning. But, in their mind it is necessary to keep the faith pure. For me, I need to keep my sanity in the coming year and I think a shunning will help me do that. That is what this post is all about.

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Understanding MAGA – Chapter 72

I have been diligently trying to understand the rationale that some folks have in praising Trump. One of those efforts was to read a book entitled In Defense Of Elitism by Joel Stein. The author was recently interviewed on the PBS Newshour of which I am a regular viewer. Some points I gleaned from the book is what this post is all about.

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I don’t like labels but there is a “but” in that statement for me. We need to understand just why the major conflicts arise in our world and then be able to see who is causing them. We can no longer afford a general “Us vs Them” mentality. If that keeps up it will eventually destroy us. Without knowing who “Them” is or what percentage of the population they represent we may just go down in ashes. That is what this post is all about.

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Understanding MAGA…

I have made it my quest lately to try and understand the MAGA folks who voted for the current Oval Office occupant. They surely are not set on destroying our country but what drives them? I got a partial answer to that from a recent Fareed Zakaria program on CNN.

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The Department of Irony

Department of Irony: Republicans can’t stop howling about socialism. But nobody makes capitalism look worse than Donald Trump. I think I found a new mentor when it comes to life inside the beltway. She is Gail Collins, who is a fellow Opinion Columnist to my other mentor in this area David Brooks at the New York Times. The words above are from one of her … Continue reading The Department of Irony